“Anytime I See A Child Without Shoes…” AY Makun’s Reflection On Humble Beginnings Sparks A Wave Of Reaction

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Comedian Ayodeji Richard Makun, popularly known as AY Comedian, has stirred the internet with reactions as he reflects on his humble beginnings.

The comedian and actor, who is gearing up for his life show, shared a photo of a woman with a huge backside on his Instagram page.

The woman was captured carrying something on her head while also strapping her son, who has no shows to her hip side.

Ayo Makun commented on the shoeless boy and recalled how he was in the same state while he was a lad.

The father of two girls said he had seen the photo several times, but the child without shoes reflected his humble start.

He also asked his fans if there was anyone without a beginning.

He wrote, “I have watched this picture several times and I will watch it again and again because anytime I see a child without shoes, I remember my humble beginning. We all have our beginnings, don’t we?

Let me just go and get ready for AY Live in Maryland on July 4th and Houston on July 6th.”

Funny reactions trailed the post, as many claimed AY was staring at the woman’s backside.

therealfunnyface wrote, “Yea bro .. especially where his leg touches .. it will hurt his feelings @aycomedian all da best.”

ogunyemitemitope46 wrote, “You better say the truth. You are watching the boy or the big Ukwu. I laff in Spanish.”

Handsheels wrote, “Haba AY , Leave the innocent child alone. Talk wetin you dey watch watch several times wey dey give you sleepless night.”

cdqolowo’s profile picture wrote, “I’m just here clueless of what to type K’Olohun shanu mi ni pelu awon mami.”

ebuniquehair wrote, “Boss you sure say na the child without shoe make you dey watch this portrait.

Recalls that Ayo Makun confirmed the end of his almost 20-year relationship with his wife, Mabel Makun.

The famous stand-up comedian expressed regrets for losing his home and admitted doing things that were not good during the course of the marriage.

He, however, warned against projecting the wrong narrative about him and his family, which he found injurious to his teenage daughter.

His wife, on the other hand, fired him and said distance is the way she responds to disrespect, and she’s not ready to drive into any drama; instead, she removes herself from it.

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