“Apart From 2 Artists, This Year 2024 Will Be Tough Year For Afrobeat,” Paulo Okoye Warns Wizkid & Davido During Fresh Beef

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Talent Afrobeats manager Paulo Okoye has raised an alarm about the impending doom for Afrobeat stars. This is coming after Wizkid decided to saga Davido and Don Jazzy on X.

While Wizikd and Davido are degrading each other on social media, One Africa Music Fest fonder, Paulo made a post on his Instagram story about the tough times that are gradually coming upon Afrobeats artists of all categories. He highlights the cause of the downfall as the high price of tickets.

According to Paulo Okoye, only Davido and Burna Boy are making waves, as they hosted a few concerts this year. He also warns against being like reggae musicians who have folded after a while.

“Tough time for Afrobeat (A & B & C class) Artist Price themselves out of the market. No much shows + global economy is not laughing as well. God help us. Paulo.

“2024 will be tough year for Afrobeat!!! Apart from 2 artists this year (Burnaboy and Davido) They did few shows others are in trouble either they over priced or tickets are not selling hmmm. Let us not do what happened to Reggae musicians reduce your prices just think. How many shows you did this year.” 

In November 2023, Paulo Okoye, a concert organizer, posed an important question about the declining rate of concerts globally. He noted that concerts are declining globally, music streaming is high, and Nigerian artists charge exorbitant amounts to perform.

He questioned whether, with concert attendance declining at the rate they are, artists will also reduce their prices in Nigeria.

created by photogrid

After Davido finally replied, Wizkid and their beef continued on social media. The father of two lamented, tagging their names, he asked them to stop now because what they’re doing in a shameful act.

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