APC’s Delay In Announcing Deputy Governorship Candidate A Trick To Impose Running Mate On Alia

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Several groups and well-meaning individuals within the All Progressives Congress, APC have expressed apprehension over the delay in the announcement of a substantive deputy to its Governorship Candidate, Rev Fr. Hyacinth Alia. Credible information received indicates that the APC leadership is embroiled in its usual practice of subverting the popular will of the people and set to impose a deputy on the party flag bearer.
Information has it that this action was largely responsible for the failure of the party at the 2019 elections. We are aware of ‘friendly’ Zone C moles posing as elders that have been activated to support this imposition.
The selection of a deputy is ordinary the prerogative of the candidate but in consultation with the party. It is now common knowledge that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the APC was largely responsible for choosing a deputy in consultation with the party hierarchy. It is on good record that a particular candidate has employed monetary gifts to induce his selection even in the face of his glaring unsuitability to partner with Fr. Alia.
We want to remind these groups of people that the Alia project is people inspired, a divine mandate and must not be reduced to the machinations of people opposed to real change. The Benue people are tired and fully behind Rev Fr. Alia and will resist any attempt by the party to impose a deputy.
The party leadership is advised to allow for internal democracy and leave the flag bearer room to choose who he can work with for the good of the Benue public. The APC as a party should learn from the past, where impunity and disregard for popular opinion have led to its dwindling fortunes. The ‘Yes Father’ moment is bigger than any human being and is set to change Benue for good. The Benue people have suffered enough. Those who give and collect money to unduly truncate this good wind coming to Benue will be fighting God and will meet the people at the polls.
We are committed to a Benue where good governance becomes standard practice and opportunities are created for all citizens to thrive in a safe, secure environment.
Dr. James Terungwa, Chairman
Cdr. Akor Charles
Benue Youth Movement
(An umbrella group for youth groups in Benue)
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