“Arresting Her Means You Are Equally Breaking The law” Actress Georgina Onuoha Condemns Eniola Badmus Act On Tiktoker Ego, Who Defamed Her

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Nollywood actress Georgina Onuoha has slammed her colleague, Eniola Badmus, for arresting and detaining Tiktoker, Ego, who defamed her.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, Georgina lectured Eniola on how defamation isn’t a criminal offense, hence why it is illegal for her to arrest and detain the lady.

She told the actress to sue her for damages and stop abusing power and intimidating the lady.

The outspoken lady expressed displeasure at the Nigerian police joining forces with Eniola to intimidate her.

“In any functioning society, if someone defames you, it is within your rights to seek damages done to your reputation. What she did was wrong and defamatory. Eniola your next line of action will be to sue her for defamation and seek restitution.

Arresting her means you are equally breaking the law. Slander or defamation is not a criminal offense that warrants arrest and parading this young woman like a criminal. Yes, she defamed you, sue her for damages. This is an abuse of power and intimidation on your part. Use the law diligently and not oppressively. Shame on the police officers indulging in this nonsense.

Eniola Badmus, you are within your rights to sue her for defamation and damages done to your person and name. Arresting means you are equally abusing the law. Right of speech is her right as well as yours. If she threatened your person and wished you bodily harm, yes then arrest her. This power play or show is laughable and beneath you.
Let it go now and take her to court.
Stop parading her like a criminal.
@benjamimhundeyin your men should not be engaging in such ineptitude.
This is an abuse of power and the police should not be used as a weapon of intimidation.
We are in a democracy and the rule of law just prevails over personal grievances.
This is tantamount to kidnapping by @eniola_badmus and members of the police force”.

Eniola Badmus orders the arrest of a lady over the accusation of pimping ladies to Top politicians

Africanglitz reported on Sunday that Eniola Badmus had ordered the arrest of a lady who accused her of pimping ladies to Top politicians.

The Tiktoker, identified as Ego, had accused the movie star of being a professional pimp.

She claimed that Eniola connects girls to top politicians all over Nigeria for financial benefits.

Following her allegations, Eniola ordered the lady’s arrest.

In a video that made the rounds on the internet, the lady retracted her previous statements and confessed that her initial accusations were false and fabricated.

According to her statement, she was facing financial difficulties and struggling to pay rent when a friend approached her with a tempting offer.

The friend offered her a substantial sum of N200K to lie and slander Eniola Badmus, exploiting her vulnerable situation.

Unfortunately for her, Eniola isn’t letting the sleeping dog lie, as she vowed to make an example of her.

“What Tiktoker, Ego, said after I pleaded with her to delete the defamatory video: ” Eniola Badmus spills

In an interview on Monday with media personality Daddy Freeze, Eniola Badmus revealed more about her ongoing defamatory case.

Eniola Badmus revealed that when she reached out to the said lady via Direct Message, she told her to shut up, hence the arrest.

“When I reached out to her in her DM, pleading with her to take down the video and not rubbish her reputation, she told me to shut up.

And then I called my lawyer and submitted the petition”.

Eniola Badmus promised to make sure the lady goes down for defaming her character.

The movie star noted how she rarely replies to people on social media, but for Ego, she would use everything in her power to bring her down.

Eniola Badmus stated that she believes Ego is working for some people who want to bring her down.

She noted how the lady claimed that she has sexual relations with different politicians, a statement she wouldn’t take lightly.

Eniola remained adamant that the lady should be charged in court and made to provide evidence to back her claims.

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