“Attention Seeker, Stay In Your Lane, Bro” – Sina Rambo’s Ex-wife, Heidi Korth, Rejects His Birthday Message

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The popular Nigerian singer Sina Rambo recently caused a buzz after celebrating his estranged wife, Heidi Korth, on her birthday.

On February 7, Heidi clocked a new age, and well-wishes poured in from many of her friends and fans. 

However, one birthday message stood out, and it happened to be from her estranged husband, Sina Rambo.

It is no longer news that Sina and Heidi had a messy breakup where she accused him of violence, not taking financial responsibility, cheating, and more in their marriage. 

However, it was a surprise when Sina ignored all of that and celebrated Heidi’s birthday. The rapper had taken to his Instagram story to share what seemed to be an old video of them together.

Sina also accompanied the birthday video with a simple happy birthday message to Heidi, wishing her long life and prosperity.

See the video below:

Sina Rambo’s Estranged Wife Responds

Shortly after Sina’s birthday post to his ex-wife went viral, she reacted to it in the comment section of an Instagram blog.

Heidi called Sina an attention seeker and told him to stay in his lane.

She wrote:

“Attention seeker, stay in your lane, bro.”

Sina Rambo’s birthday message to his estranged wife causes a stir.

Sina’s birthday post soon went viral online, and it got a number of people talking. While some of them called him a mature man, others said they would not be interfering in issues concerning husband and wife. Read some of their comments below:

One Trisha wrote: “Dis German babe no well at all o! she is truly done”

Esther Modella wrote: “I like her boldness, no pretence 😂seems the man still want her back”

Ogechi wrote: “the real definition of God Abeg o”

M Shila wrote: “He has sha gotten her attention “

Dola wrote“This babe is truly done”

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