“Becoming A Wifey At 25 With 5 Children Is Not An Achievement, God Made You For So Much More Than Just To Be Married.” Shade Ladipo

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TV presenter Shade Ladipo has advised women as she reacts motivationally to the highly publicized wedding of Rita Dominic in England at 47.

Nollywood stat, Rita Dominic was used in headlines by many media platforms on Saturday, November 26th, 2022. After her white wedding with her hubby, Fidelis Anosike.

After a glamorous viral Traditional wedding earlier this year. The actress got wedded at the age of 47 in a grand wedding in North Yorkshire, England.

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Popular social media commentator and media personality Shade Ladipo used the popular actress as a reference to advise ladies against rushing into marriages without much achievement in the making.

Ladipo said that having a woman like Rita walk down the aisle at 47, has something to teach the future generation.

She continued that marriage isn’t an achievement to be had in your 30ties and that ladies should choose their paths and work on them very well.

She Said

“I think it’s important for me to emphasize how important it is that Riri is getting into her first marriage at 47, and from all accounts, it’s her dream wedding.

Having a woman on ReeDee’s level do this sets the tone for future generations down the line #BestBelieve

Love is not a linear journey. Marriage is not an achievement to be had in your 30ties. Choose your path and embrace it with your full chest.

I love your Riri and I wish you only Peace & Joy on your special day”.

Ladipo Applauds Rita Dominic

This isn’t the first time Shade Ladipo will comment on Rita Dominic’s late marriage.

When Rita Dominic had her traditional wedding in April, Shade Ladipo weighed into it.

She louded that she’s pleased that society is gradually changing its perspective on marriage as opposed to hounding women to get married in their early 20s.

Addressing women, the content creator said there’s more to life than getting married and having children in their 20s. She then advised them to focus on developing themselves in their early years.

She, however noted that there’s no singular manual to life.

She wrote on her Instagram page;

“I’m so glad we’re gradually normalizing women getting married in their forties. Women need to really rethink the use of their 20s & 30s.

Ladies, there’s nothing wrong in securing your bag. Developing high emotional intelligence and chasing your dreams early in life.

Plenty of roads to the market.

No to just to be born, become wifey at 25 with five children. God made you for so much more than to procreate and be married.”

Shade reacts to MI Abaga’s late marriage

During the time singer MI Abaga got married in his 40s, Shade dragged Nigerians for overlooking his late marriage.

Recall that the singer M.I said ‘I do’ to his woman, Eniola Mafe in a star-studded ceremony in September 2022.

However, his wedding didn’t receive much publicity and motivational quotes, unlike Rita Dominic and Mercy Chinwo.

Recall that when Dominic and Mercy Chinwo got married, they were a trending topic on the internet because of their age. Many used them as references, examples, points of prayers and even motivational quotes.

But wasn’t the same for MI Abaga, who got married at the age of 41.

Faulting Nigerians, Shade Ladipo pointed out their hypocrisy.

“MI Abaga got married at 41 and not one required to aspire to perspire about his age… If na Kemi Adetiba or my Rita D it would have been a different story”.

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