Blessing CEO Expresses Disappointment In Group Of Women Dressed In Wedding Gown While Praying Fervently For Husband

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In a thought-provoking Instagram post, relationship expert Blessing Okoro addressed a recent event where women were seen wearing wedding gowns while praying for husbands.

Blessing took to her Instagram account to share her perspective on the matter, questioning the meaning of women donning wedding gowns in hopes of attracting a husband.

She went on to say that there is a significant distinction between creating content and embracing the wrong perception of marriage.

The relationship expert did not mince words when she commented on the event’s organizer, suggesting that the pastor behind it is providing the women with an inaccurate outlook on marriage.

Blessing Okoro stressed that marriage is a union between two individuals, not just women seeking husbands.

One of her major points was that when women openly demonstrated their strong desire to get married, it could potentially reduce their value as women in the eyes of men.

Blessing Okoro’s remarks have triggered conversations on the expectations placed on women and how the pressure of society can influence an individual’s perceptions of marriage.

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Blessing CEO Expresses Disappointment In Group Of Women  Dressed In Wedding Gown While Praying Fervently For Husband

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