Blessing CEO Reacts To VeryDarkMan’s Bail Condition As She Appeals Tonto Dikeh & Others 

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Nigerian relationship expert Blessing Okoro, better known as Blessing CEO, has made a passionate appeal to Tonto Dikeh and others over Very Dark Man.

On Friday, the actress arrested the socialite for cyberbullying and a threat to life. He had accused the actress of being part of the GistLover blog formation, which led to several death threats from haters of the blog, and in return, she had arrested him for his statements, which lacked evidence.

The social media activist who was supposed to be released from detention on Monday was given a heavy bail condition, which has made it very difficult for him to secure bail.

His bail condition requires a property and a business owner in Abuja with a government seal of oath and submission of an international passport for one year plus N200 million naira.

Reacting to his bail condition, Blessing CEO stated that the bail condition is hard, as she begged the actress to forgive him and noted how he didn’t kill anyone.

“Ha this bail condition hard oooo. Abeg oooooo forgive am him no kee person”.

This is surprising to see the Blessing CEO showing support for Very Dark Man, as last year the two had a public fallout.

It all began with a video featuring VDM that rapidly spread across social media platforms.

In this video, VeryDarkMan appeared somewhat dishevelled while in a market setting, which prompted Blessing Okoro to express her rather strong and unfavourable opinion.

She did not hold back, branding him as looking like a “hoodlum” and even going as far as suggesting that he resembled a criminal.


VDM was quick to respond to Blessing Okoro, digging up a past video in which Blessing Okoro had profusely praised him, highlighting her apparent admiration for his intelligence and alpha male persona.

As the feud escalated, Blessing Okoro decided to counter VeryDarkMan’s claims by stating that he was nothing more than a stranger to her.

She went to great lengths to emphasize that he exhibited certain “womanly” characteristics that were incompatible with being an alpha male.

In her words, she accused him of engaging in online disputes, claiming that a true alpha male would not indulge in such behaviour.

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