Bobrisky Announces He Is Ready To Buy A Bigger Bum & Boobs

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Bobrisky has announced his intention to have liposuction surgery to increase the size of his bum and breast.

The lifestyle influencer recently mocked by a man who complained about the number of likes on his Instagram photos made the revelation on his official Snapchat page. Bobrisky, aka Mummy of Lagos, said his liposuction surgery date is approaching, which is why he has been absent on social media.

He stated that he would be getting wider hips, a bigger bum, and a silicon breast instead of a prosthesis.

Bobrisky wrote,

“Morning guys, sorry i wasn’t online here yesterday. My surgery date is getting closer so i am preparing myself. I am going in for another liposuction to make my ass and hips wider and also put a nicer silicone in my boobs,”

Bobrisky has again given social media users something to talk about regarding his luxury lifestyle.

In a post shared on his official Snapchat channel, Bobrisky revealed that he has four female domestic workers that handle chores in his Lagos mansion.

Bobrisky noted that if he had his way, he would have preferred not to have any, but his celebrity lifestyle requires assistance from the workers. According to the crossdresser, two of the four house helpers are solely responsible for cleaning the house.

He said one is personally dedicated to glamming him up and helping to sort his outfits for the day.

Bobrisky said the last help shops for groceries and takes inventory of items in the house.

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