Bobrisky, Junior Pope & Co Shame Rosy Meurer & Churchill Olakunle as Marriage Drama Continues

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Embattled Meurer was a former personal assistant to Churchill and was close to his then-wife Tonto.

Popular Nigerian effeminate celebrity Bobrisky has slammed Rosy Meurer over her marriage to Churchill Olakunle, the ex-husband of Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh.

In a series of now-deleted posts shared via her Instagram page on Wednesday, February 17, 2021, the crossdresser came down heavily on Meurer, labeling her a home breaker and calling on karma to catch up with her.

“If you break another woman’s home, just to make her hurt, don’t worry your own cane is hidden too. Sooner or later someone else will snatch the man from u.”

Bobrisky, a notable friend of ousted wife Tonto, also touted Meurer for once referring to his now-husband as a brother. He advised his followers to be wary of those who make similar remarks to their spouses.

Still not done, the brand-influencer added that the same ill-treatment Churchill afforded to Tonto while she was married to him would also be given to Meurer.

“From my brother to my boss, from boss to Mrs. Haaaa the cane he use to beat the first wife is hidden for you.”

Bobrisky is not alone in his criticism of Churchill and Meurer as other celebrities have also spoken out against their union, including actor Junior Pope who noted he is less than impressed with their marriage, and media personality Shade Ladipo who said it is abominable for anyone to find their friend’s ex-spouse attractive.

“This may be the 21st century but a spade is still a spade. Call a spade a spade, not a shovel. This right here is not a thing to be proud of sincerely. Where the fvck has our conscience gone to. Anyways what do I know? Let me drink water and mind my family…..God Dey Cinema”

“I don’t even understand how you can be remotely attracted to a friend or an acquaintance’s ex-boyfriend talk less of husband. I don’t care how attractive or helpful the person is and this church na even 3 seconds hill sef #WetinIKnow.”

Olakunle Churchill and Rosy Meurer have been receiving much heat from the online community since announcing themselves as husband and wife.

Ex-couple Churchill Olakunle and Tonto Dikeh

News of their new couple status didn’t go down well with many who have long known Meurer as the lady accused of being responsible for the breakdown of the businessman’s marriage to actress Tonto Dikeh.

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