Chaos In The World After A Mini Rapture Took Place On October 4th!

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Believers in the Christian faith have often wondered what the rapture would look like, while unbelievers have mocked the mere thought of it. “It’s ridiculous,” I’ve once heard an unbeliever say, while trying to voice out his opinion about the existence of heaven and hell.

On the 4th of October what many described as a “mini rapture” happened before our very eyes.

One minute you’re chatting with someone, or reading a post online. The next minute, you’re confused as to what happened to the post or the person you’re chatting with.

This happened to several persons all over the world, as Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp were shut down for hours.

At first, many thought it was their network provider, only to be aware of the true reality of the situation, after they must have changed to several networks and have had access to other sites.

“Mehn, rapture don happen o,” someone posted on Facebook hours later, when the app came back online.

“Na so Christ go take come,” another replied.

“Hello, is anyone out there?” a lady asked.

The virtual world was drawn into confusion until Mark Zuckerberg made what seemed to be an apology post regarding what happened to his apps.

“Mark is a god,” someone said.

Then, there was a debate of how much power one man wields by owning these three apps that have greatly influenced the life of at least 50% of the individuals on earth.

Some said he must have done it to monitor some things about people, or to clear his name regarding a rumoured ongoing case where he’s being indicted for committing a crime related to data.

Whatever the case was, the inconvenience caused by the shutdown has shown how scary the day of rapture would be, the commotion it would bring notwithstanding.

Written by: Edward Amah

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