“Chinese Man Just hacked into my bank account” Actor Prince Eke Cries Out After His Mobile Sim Card Gets Compromised and Accuses Telecoms Of Selling His Special Number

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Nollywood actor Prince Eke has bitterly ranted on social media following an unsatisfactory experience with a Nigerian-based telecommunications company.

Eke said in his Instagram post that he paid N80k for a sim card with a special number back in 2014, and now the telco has allegedly sold the same mobile digits to a new customer.

According to him, the number is linked to his bank account, and he made sure to verify it in 2022 when he visited Nigeria.

Eke claimed a Chinese man now uses the number, and the individual managed to clean out the money in his bank account.

His post read, “@airtelnigeria sold my line to someone (Chinese man) who just hacked into my bank account,”

See his post below:

13 Nigerians were arrested in connection with a $30 million money laundering scheme in the U.S

Meanwhile, it was previously reported that about 24 individuals, including 13 Nigerians, were arrested by federal agents for their involvement in a $30 million fraud and money laundering operation in the United States.

The US Department of Justice, in a statement, said the suspects duped many victims who are US citizens through romance fraud scams, business email compromise schemes, and retirement account scams, among other frauds.

They were sentenced to several years in prison for the crime.

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