Cubana Chiefpriest Takes A Swipe At Impecunious As He Hail Phyno On His Brand New Maybach Worth Millions Of Naira

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Nigerian businessman and socialite Cuban Chief Priest has hailed his friend and singer, Phyno, over his new car.

The rapper shocked netizens as he splashed 550 million Naira on a 2024 brand-new Mercedes-Benz Maybach 5680.

Reacting to the news, Cubana took to his Instagram page to repost the video of his car as he hailed the singer.

Taking a swipe at those Nigerians complaining about the economy, he let them know that there is money, but unfortunately, they don’t have it.

“My Brother @phynofino with that beast. Brand new 2024 Maybach 5680. Money dey na you no get. Congratulations, playmaker, where are we going tonite?”.

In his comment section, many keyed into his blessings, while others slammed Cubana for announcing the news before the singer.

Back in September 2023, Phyno had splashed billions of naira on a 20-unit detached terrace building. Real estate mogul Ned Okonkwo made the news as he congratulated Phyno on his new property.

However, a critic had tackled him as he revealed that Phyno buying the house was not a smart investment move.

He explained that buying a house is a long-term investment that might take a lot of time before it can yield profit.

Last year, Phyno opened up on his struggling days in the industry and how he was advised to join a cult to boost his career, but he rejected it because he has never loved easy things.

Admonishing up-and-coming artists on the need to avoid taking shortcuts to success, he made them know that he believed in himself and the power of hard work, which has paid off for him.

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