REVEALED; Daddy Freeze Covers Scandal Of Stealing Another Man’s Wife With Secrete UK Wedding Move And To Escape 5 Million Nigeria Lawsuit From The Man

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On the gram, Daddy Freeze is famous for judging and pointing fingers at people, especially pastors. His holier than thou persona and popular anti-tithing preaching has made him more enemies than Abacha could make in his entire lifetime. The judge is finally being judged, and this time it is in a real court of justice. On Friday, February 18, 2021, Daddy Freeze was slammed with a 5 million naira fine by a High Court in Rivers State for committing adultery with his lover, Benedicta Elechi, while she was still married to her ex-husband, Paul Odekina.

In what has to be the most shocking moment in history, Nigerians have been pointing fingers at the On-Air personality for having the guts to judge pastors of their lifestyle, all the while sleeping with the wife of another man. His followers, on the other hand, believe he will have a better explanation of how he landed in an adultery mess? What is Daddy Freeze’s response to this court injunction and adultery accusations? How did Daddy Freeze get into this adultery mess? Who is the lover in question? Does the on-air personality have a track record of committing adultery? Is he married presently? #daddyfreeze #daddyfreezewedding #Daddyfreezetiestheknot

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