“Davido Is Not My Child’s Father; My Baby Got A New Dad Already” Anita Brown Declares Davido Dead As She Issues A Stern Warning To His Fans

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Swimwear entrepreneur and alleged pregnant side chick of Davido, Anita Brown, has declared the singer dead.

In a fresh series of rants, Anita stated that Davido isn’t the father of her unborn child because he is dead to her.

Issuing a stern warning to the singer’s fans, Anita told them to stop calling her phone numbers, as she doesn’t want the singer in her life or her child’s life.

Declaring him dead, she told his fans to get over it, move on, and let her be.

“I wish y’all would stop calling my phone. Davido is not my child’s father. We don’t want him in my life or my child’s life. HE DIED! Please get over it & move on. PLEASE! Leave us alone”.

In another tweet, Anita called his fans delusional as she reiterated that she doesn’t care for the singer.

Anita declared that her unborn child has a new dad as she called on Davido to call his fans to order.

“Y’all are delusional. We don’t care for Davido. I’m in the United States. I’m top 5. It’s annoying now. Nobody wants to hear about David. This is old news. My baby got a new dad already.

Yo @davido tell your wack-ass fans. I don’t give a FCK about you bro. This is annoying. You gave out my number. It’s annoying cause I don’t care for you. This shit is Irrelevant. We both know my body. Idc about nothing having to do with you”.

“Davido wants me to have his baby” Anita Brown discloses

This is coming hours after she claimed that Davido wanted her to keep the baby but was only pretending.

She stated that none of the drama would be happening if Davido wanted her to terminate the pregnancy.

According to her, Davido knows she will throw tantrums because he knows her temperament.

Telling trolls to keep being oblivious, she reiterated that Davido wants her to keep his baby.

“Trust me that man wants me to have the baby, this would not all be happening if that’s not what he really wants.

It’s already out, that’s what he wanted. He knew I would do this cause he knows my temperament.

He wanted me to have this child. Keep being oblivious all y’all want”.

She emphasized that she didn’t ruin anything.

“I didn’t ruin a thing”.

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