Davido’s 2nd BabyMama SECRETLY Gives Birth As Chioma’s ASSURANCE Turns To ENDURANCE

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When Davido revealed that he was married not so long ago, many noticed something off. There was no picture evidence of where and when the marriage took place. However, his fans quickly looked beyond the marriage ceremony because of the tragedy Davido and Chioma’s encountered on October 31, 2022, and how they went off social media for a while. But life, they say, must go on regardless of the grief and heartbreak of losing a loved one, and so did Davido.

Dropping a new album on March 31 2023, the Afrobeats star told fans in his new hit single that he is now unavailable to all his female admirers and baby mamas, giving an aura of being a more responsible and family man. Well, it looks like the popular Afrobeats singer’s brand new and clean slate dropped in the mud on April 19th following fresh reports that his Atlanta-based second baby Mama, Amanda, did not only get pregnant but has allegedly welcomed a second child with the Risky singer. Though still alleged, this shocking news immediately went viral as this wouldn’t be the first time a rumoured baby mama news became true after all! If there is anything the Stand Strong is proving, yet again, that his baby mama drama is Timeless.

Did Davido truly knock-up his second babymama Amanda regardless of all the Assurance he gave to Chioma? Could this be the reason why Chioma is still keeping a low profile?

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