‘Dear Ned, Lack of Husband Is Not The Reasons Women Engage In Prostitution! – Oge Nsimah

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Popular social media commentator and relator Oge Nismah has reacted to Prince Ned Nwoko’s recent interview with Guardian. Where the politician, who is married to 23-year-old Nollywood actress Regina Daniels blamed southern Nigerian men for contributing to prostitution in society by shunning polygamy.

Replying to the politician who is contesting the Delta North senatorial election, Oge Nsima said;

‘You see, this coming election, be very selfish with your vote, and don’t vote for anyone that lacks the mentality and view to provide the proper solution to your problems.

Be intentional while voting!

So I read an interview where Ned Nwoko blamed Southern Nigerian men for contributing to prostitution by shunning polygamy.
According to him, there is a high level of prostitution, and many women are out there without a husband.

Dear Ned, the lack of a husband has never been seen as one of the reasons people engage in prostitution.
Hope you are not planning on signing a bill that will force ladies into marrying you to eradicate prostitution in the near future.

Please, sir, the root cause of prostitution is poverty. Demand and supply, Basic capitalism.

Some people need sex. Some people need money for survival. They could be married, or they could be single.
They engage in prostitution because they are looking for means of survival. They want to make their own money.

People go into prostitution because they must work to live, and no work is available for them, not because there is no husband.

It’s poverty that brings women into prostitution, not lack of husbands.

and those women that are prostitutes mostly belong to underprivileged families..so you see…?
In case you do not know, Some married women living with their husbands are even prostitutes.
Some married men patronize prostitutes. How, then, is it marital status issues?
I am only worried that a man who is seeking to be a senator in Nigeria, representing a constituency, believes people are into prostitution because of lack of a husband.
This mentality should never be taken to Power.

It’s time Nigerians should understand that the level at which their elected leaders deliver is directly proportional to the level of their mentality and view about life.

Don’t vote for someone with a bad mentality about life and expect him or her to change the usual status quo.
una go fall, from frying pan to fire.

Remember, no people can give what they don’t have.
Dear Nigerians, the same thing that pushed your brother into fraud is the same thing that pushed your sisters into prostitution…and what is that, POVERTY.

Now go and Ask Billionaire Ned Nwoko what the cause of poverty is…
Stop idolizing people with money. You don’t know how they made their money. idolize people with positive values and views in life
People with common human decency and respect.

Please don’t be bambuzzed by any vibes on vibes from any celebrity. They won’t be there to suffer with you.
Think smart and vote wisely.

Oge Nsimah

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