“Della Is Even Accusing Me” Drama As Phyna Calls Out Kess’ Wife Over Her Claim

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Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ winner Phyna has revealed that colleague Kess’ wife is also accusing her of having an affair with her husband.

The BBN winner took to her Instagram live, where she claimed that she had talked with Della Morales and that she was going to publicly accuse her of having an affair with Kess.

According to her, Della Morales told her not to speak out and to keep silent.

“Della is accusing everybody, she is even accusing me. We were talking and she said she is going to put it out there that I had an affair with Kess, and she said I shouldn’t say anything”.

Earlier on, Phyna had slammed Kess’ wife, telling her to take it easy with the manipulations and emotional blackmail. She noted how a woman’s side of a story is more believable to the public, even when they are lying.

In another post, she told her to allow her husband and his colleague, Christy O be, to stop chasing clout.

She claimed that she had been financially supporting Kess and his family throughout their marriage and, as such, was devastated when she found out that he was cheating on her with his colleague, Christy O.

Her suspicion led her to confront him, but as expected, he denied it, but she stumbled upon chat messages confirming her suspicion.

Kess, while addressing his family drama, stated that his wife is highly manipulative, cr@zy, insecure, and loves to bring confusion as she speaks from two sides of her mouth.

Clearly not done with dragging him online, she recently revealed that she had revoked his American visa, a move that had gotten Kess angry.

She further reiterated that her husband was sleeping with his daughter and had caught her in his room on several occasions.

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