Depression IS NOT Demonic, Don’t Allow Anyone To Deceive You Into Casting Out Depression

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‘Depression IS NOT Demonic. Don’t allow anyone to deceive you into casting out depression….cling to those who will joyfully listen as you offload what is TROUBLING you. Medication doesn’t fix everything and the side effects of some medications are destructive to the body. That’s why the need to communicate your disappointment, dissatisfaction, needs and wants is paramount with the understanding that nobody owes you what you didn’t loan them nor gave them to keep for you.

Just as nobody you can’t give what you don’t have is how also you shouldn’t expect anyone to give you what they don’t have too.

We are spirit beings living in a vessel called the body and once any part is OVERWORKED, it affects the whole body and remembers that our body is the TEMPLE that carries the spirit that leads, guides, helps, comfort, teach the body on how to function.

Depression Was Before Us And Will Remain After Us. If You Choose To Beat It, It Will Bow And If You Allow It To Beat You, You’ll Be Buried. Believe it or not once you’re buried you’ll be slowly forgotten no matter what you’ve achieved or contributed that’s why the need to embrace your reality and genuinely live is paramount because death is coming for us all unannounced no matter who you are what you’ve achieved or couldn’t achieve. While you can do the needful don’t hold back. Never lie to yourself by yourself.

The Choice Is Yours. I Personally Love Life And Life Loves Me Too….It Is A Mutual Relationship….Until I Empty Myself Completely, I Am Going Nowhere ….Fortunately, I Daily Wake Up With A Fresh Download….That Is One Of The Things Dad Promised Me..That My Understanding Will Be Upgraded Daily’.

Written by: Toniaamaka Toniaamaka

(Author: Hell Is Shut Forever)

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