Do Women Still Use Charms/Kayan Mata To Get Men? Does It Work? – Edward Amah

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In recent times, there is this desire by certain ladies, to force rich successful men into a relationship with them. This act of wanting to trap men against their will, they claim, is achievable through fetish means. While a vast majority support the efficacy of these charms/ kayan mata, others think it’s ineffective.

Jaruma, a popular Instagram vendor of the said “Kayan mata” has come out to caution ladies who have been asking if her charms can be used for “Obi Cubana(The Anambra Billionaire whose mother’s burial trended some days ago)” 

She went ahead to state that Obi Cubana is probably a spiritual man, and she doubts if her products can work on him:

“Do you seriously think Obi Cubana does not have spiritual protection? I’ve been telling you guys this for more than 10 years. Billionaires like Obi Cubana have spiritual protection. You can’t just go and take Obi Cubana and make him yours just like that. You think he’s waiting for you to use Jaruma products on him and take him away? 

“All billionaires have spiritual protection, so, if you want to penetrate them, you have to break the protection and their wives are also doing things to make sure their husbands are not taken away from them.” 

This goes a long way to tell you how funny people appear when they say they’re patronizing these Instagram charm merchants. The seller is indirectly disproving the authenticity of her products, and you’ll still find people entering her inbox to seek these charms.

In the first place; why would you want to make someone do something against their will? You command someone to give you their money, or you make them give up attention for others, so as to be strictly glued to you? How do you feel happy having someone behave like a “zombie” for you? 

In all, I am still happy there are girls/ladies who won’t patronize these charm dealers for any reason. I am glad there are girls/ladies who think the idea to be absurd. Below are comments from people I’ll consider reasonable:

“This jaruma & 419, sadly some yeye girls will still believe her”

“So basically, your product works only on poor people?”.

Written by: Edward Amah

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