E-Money Reacts As He Launches Search For Two Facebook Influencers Over Defamatory Allegations Of Sleeping With Junior Pope’s Wife 

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E-money recently addressed the rumors being spread by two Facebook influencers that he’s gay and that he slept with Junior Pope’s wife.

He responded to these rumors by calling for a manhunt for the two women so that they could be arrested.

“To all my followers,

It has come to my attention that some individuals are spreading damaging and false information about my relationship with my late brother, Junior Pope, and his family during this difficult time of mourning. These actions show a complete lack of respect for the memory of the deceased and are deeply hurtful to our grieving family.

I cannot fold my hands and allow this heinous act to continue without consequence. I am committed to identifying these unscrupulous individuals and ensuring they are held accountable. It is imperative that we clean up our social media space and let the law take its rightful course. Furthermore, bloggers disseminating this information without proper investigation and confirmation will also not be spared in this bid for justice.

Anyone with credible information that can assist the authorities in apprehending these two women responsible for this malicious character assassination, should please come forward. Your help will not only bring justice but highly appreciated. Enough is enough!

Thank you for your support and understanding during this challenging time.

Send me a DM”

E-money’s fans were quite supportive of his decision, and most of them were egging him on in the comment section.

sese_klarah wrote, “Cho Cho Cho you go learn new thing now”

ajong_achille wrote, “Sir pls I’m begging for her behalf don’t arrest her”

realwillz wrote, “You think “alleged” go save VOu. Onye ara

iam_kentallest wrote, “This has to be stop now”

funnyboneofficial wrote, “Jail her!! Jail her!! Jail her!! With everything at your disposal JAIL HER!!! No apology will be accepted”

prince_dstn wrote, “She needs to stay like 30 years in prison coz what is this!!!! They’re spoiling people’s name just to get views and money on Facebook Them go learn!”

vintagedeluxeinteriors wrote, “Just go ahead please”

bn_nice wrote, “People are just stupi*, thinking they can use everything to play and cause traffic to their account just to get followers and likes. I believe this women will be used as an example to others. Enough is enough”

iamanyidons wrote, “People who are always happy in bringing someone else down”

sliikyrental wrote, “Somebody’s mother will just wake and begin to suspect, think, feel that someone somewhere is responsible for this or that without any proof, u can’t dent people’s image nd excape punihment. The fact dt social media made us almost equal dose not give u d rit to rant nonsense and go fre.”

lush_berry96 wrote, “Because you have money to buy a phone & data shouldn’t make you come on social media to talk nonsens€, this is one of the things I can’t accept, it very painful if someone to comes to tarnish my name over what I know nothing about, omo (LOCK THEM UP & USE THEM TO SET EXAMPLES FOR OTHERS…. what nonsens”

charity.nwakaego wrote, “Imagine saying rubbish to someone that has helped so many and still helping people, who does that. Arrest her with immediate effect”

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