EFCC Have A Lot Of Work To Do In This Country – Oge Isimeh Reacts To Regina Askia Acquiring 1st Home After Living In The US For Decades!

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Abuja based real estate consultant and social commentator, Oge Nsimah took to social media to react to Veteran Nollywood actress Regina Askia first home in the united states after living in the country for a decade, Oge who knows her onion when it comes to real estate, demand EFCC should investigate Nigerian celebrities who think buying a new home is a piece of cake.
She wrote;
‘Are we ready for this discussion or should we still allow it to become a status quo like corrupt leaders in power in this country,?
Nollywood Icon, Regina Askia acquires her First House in the United States. Congratulations to her
I started hearing about this woman during my primary school days, she has been grinding and striving…iam super proud of her and the miles stones she just achieved.
My gist is this
Life is usually hard when you are doing the right thing.
This is why many people choose the easy and questionable ways
Now there is something we need to talk about if we care about the next generation…
We should stop cheering people with a sudden and untraceable wealth…
Celebrating and cheering these people is the reason why crime is rampant in our society.
Just like we need governance revolution, we need mind revolution of citizens…
We need to start reasoning for ourselves and start acting from a place of deep knowledge.
You see, the majority of social media influencers and ex-Big Brother housemates need to be investigated
My detective hunch has never failed me before…A lot of them are being used to launder the money this government is borrowing in our names.
They are into Shady deals, the majority of them are fraudsters…Politicians are using them to steal our money.
How can Someone run a business for 12-24 months, next they have bought a property that is above 500million, owing a Fleet of exotic cars, is it how simply money-making is? This still remain the greatest miracle to me
You become popular on social media 3years later and you are richer than the company you are representing…
you are already a billionaire, making investments in hundreds of millions and Billions, oh yeah and you expect me to celebrate you.
You never inherited wealth from your parents.
if this is how business is, Tony Elumelu, Cosmos Maduka, Alakija them etc would have bought the whole of Africa before your arrival.
And then when we ask how come,
Some of you people we say we are jealous of.😆 Bad bell, Enemy of progress, yadayada… we should go and investigate sources of poverty….una dey m.a.d 🖕
I must know your source before celebrating you, and if you are not proud to defend your wealth, it’s because you are ashamed of your source and you know is crooked.
Look, money is good to make, but you must give an account of every penny you made, Accountability should be your slogan.
Before you flaunt wealth here…
you must make sure the business you are into is equal to the investment and lifestyle you are flaunting here…
We must question your wealth,
we must not celebrate ill-gotten money,
Because it mocks hard working and honest people
For those of you that will still be angry and want to troll me on this…
See, I don’t need a multitude of mediocre that is going nowhere to like and cheer me here.
I rather die speaking, #TheUncomfortableTruth than join your bad wagon gang.
I prefer all of you hate me because of my conviction, I can never be infatuated with sudden wealth. I don’t need validation from everyone,
Dear #efcc you have a lot of work to do in this country
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