“Emeka Ike’s Ex-wife & Her Mother Constantly Beat My Mum Whenever She Visits” Victor Ike Shades More Light On His Brother’s Turbulent Marriage With His Ex-Wife

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Victor Ike, the brother of veteran Nigerian actor Emeka Ike, has backed his brother’s account of the tumultuous marriage to his ex-wife, Suzanne Emma, shedding light on additional distressing details.

Emeka Ike recently disclosed in an interview that his ex-wife had falsely accused him of assault, resulting in the unraveling of his life, including the loss of his multimillion-naira assets and the denial of access to his children.

Addressing erroneous misconceptions on social media, Victor Ike expressed his displeasure by providing further insights.

He confirmed the authenticity of Emeka’s statements and went on to reveal that Emeka Ike’s ex-wife collaborated with her mother in physically abusing their own mother.

Victor claimed that she not only tarnished Emeka Ike’s relationship with the family, but the actor also defended her despite her misconduct.

Responding to the famous social media commentator, Daniel Regha, he wrote:

“@DanielRegha & Co, Please don’t be judgmental when you don’t know their stories.

Emeka Ike is my blood brother, and everything he said @channelstv was 100% true. He didn’t even mention how she and her mother constantly beat my mum whenever she visits. He needs to see his kids

He has always loved and stood for her even when she lies against his own family. Most of us in the family are not in good communication with him just because of her,so it is false to claim that the man who disowned his family for her was a wife beater. Don’t hurt him with his kids”

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