Empress Judas S£x Accusation: “If We Don’t Name Names, All These Things Won’t Stop In Our Industry” Don Jazzy Reacts

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Music producer and record label boss Don Jazzy has picked a side on the movie ban in the Asaba movement.


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He posted a video of a girl on his Instagram page, and she was talking about her bad experience with a movie production company called Great Rock Entertainment.

According to the lady who goes by the name Empress Judas, a certain producer had reached out to her, saying that they saw talent in her, but she should first make a payment of $200,000 in order to secure herself a role in their movies, which she did.

However, things took a dark turn when the producer asked her to sleep with him, but she refused.

Empress Judas said that he stopped picking up her calls afterwards and later proceeded to block her.

Also, Empress Judas shed light on some disturbing practices in the movie production industry in Asaba, where young people are lured to pay money, and producers still sleep with them.

She said that a lot of people have been posing in Asaba as producers without a proper platform, and that most of the movies they make are YouTube movies and nothing entirely serious.

Empress Judas also said that the incident that led to Junior Pope’s death was not the first of its kind, as several young actors had lost their lives. She said the only reason Junior Pope’s case was publicized was because he was famous.

Attention was also brought to the crew members who are allegedly at large because they haven’t been found.

Don Jazzy chose a side when he said he liked the fact that Empress Judas named the alleged perpetrators.

He also said that without naming the people in question, the whole Asaba movie production issue will not end.

Movie producers have been under heat ever since the death of Junior Pope, as they have been called out for negligent practices.

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