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Olivia Eze is a fast rising Nollywood actress based in London.  She has stared in London based movies such as Strive to Survive,  The broken Bride, London Naa Waa, LABO…Life is a journey and Heartless Career. She is currently bagging roles in most London movie. Meet her this Friday at the Permiere of London Naa Waa and on the 2nd of August at the Premiere of LABO…Life is a journey.

Oliver Eze

When did you realise that you can be the next hot fuzz?

I was born with it, infact!  i think its destiney. i’ve always wanted to join the movie industry, it was just a matter of time. I took my first big step last year. I also practised theater for a while, realising that i have what it takes, decided to face the camera and get into Nollywood.

Why do you want to be a Nollywood actress in particular?

I have so much love for the Nollywood movie industry. I was brought up with Nollywood movies, i got really into it, I So much enjoyed watching the actors then. I will be happy to be part of the industry some day and see the younger generations look up to me.

What do you think of Nollywood now that you’ve tasted it?

Nollywood back in the days wasn’t what they are now. The are doing a very great work now. When you are not in there, you think is very easy bom bom bom, and a movie is done. but when you are in there, you will experience how difficult it can be. especially working with people for the first time. you try to give your best, get along, there is pressure, but then when its something you really like, like i as an example, when its something you really like doing, you try your best to fit in. There were so many movie premieres in the UK last year, they were beautifuly done, creating awareness. I respect all the new producers and directors and everyone who is making it happen.

Nollywood is getting difficult to break into, how much effort and work does one have to put together to be recognised?

Yes Nollywood is getting really famous, but with someone like me, i belive its my destiney, i’m not really scared of what i can give. i know i’ve got what it takes, i’m hopeing to get as good as the actors we know, and even get better than them. I’m very greatful for the movie directors who have seen my talent as well. i mean there are so many great talents outside Nigeria who can lift up Nollywood. if they get to use pe0ple like me a bit more, i belive that we can take Nollywood as high as possible.

Olivia Eze

 Who is your favourite Nollyood actor/actress?

I really look up to Tonto Dike and Funke Akindele. Tonto because she is someone that can fit into any role,she is a great actress, out going and full of energy, she really doesn’t care what people think about her, no matter how good or bad. these are people that can moltivating because no matter how good you are in the media industry, people will always look down on you, so i’ve really learnt a lot from her. Funke Akindele is full of energy humble and such a great actress as well.

Do you have a favourtie international actor/actress?

I will really say Queen Latifa, she is like an idle to me, a great role model for every black woman. she is really good in acting, very humble looking if i may say, i’ve not met her but i’m looking foward to meeting her some day.

What was your first Nollywood film?

I was working on two movies at the same time, and the first to get premiered was Striving to Survive a movie by Nelson Spyk a London based movie director.

Olivia Eze

What challanges did you face while on set?

Wow! i had a lot during the shooting of one of the scense, i had an accident, i fell down the stairs, and really twisted my ankle. the production was paused for two months, and after recovery, i went back on set. Accidents are not planned and can easily happen, but things like not getting along with other casts or arguing with other casts are expected. like my accident, i didn’t realised it was that bad until i got home.

Oliva Eze

Where would you like to see your self in five years time?

Well in five years time, i’m hopeing to be one of the best actresses in Nollywood. 

As an international Nollywood actress, have you got any plans to go to Nigeria some time to act, because that is where its all happening?

This is the step i really want to take this year. i like to atmospher over there and have to start making contacts. i have got some offers, but can’t really say names now. so lets just watch the space. (laughs).

What advice can you give to young talents out there who want to join the Nollywood industry?

At the moment, i’m still up coming, but then a word of advice! Just try your best, mostly when you belive it’s something you really want to do. Put God first and focuse and you will definatley make it. Acting is make belive, just be your self and not someone else and you will make it.

Briefly tell us about your origin

I was born in  Anambra State, an Igbo girl, from a family of five. three girls and two boys and I am the 4th child. I am currently leaving in London studying Child Phycology and acting.

Olivia Eze

Catch Olivia Eze this Friday at the the Premiere of London Naa Waa! a comedy movie by Nelson Spyk  at the Odeon Greenwich Cinema London. Also at the Premiere of LABO… Life is a Journey a movie by Roseline Sanni-Ajose on the 2nd of August at Odeon Greenwich Cinema London.

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