FISHBONE: This Short Film By Editi Effiong Just Explained Karma In The Most Powerful Way!

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A witch does not kill her own grandchild, their rib will get stuck in her throat like a fishbone” This Ibibio proverb totally explains this brilliant short film that is worth your time.

The short film was shot in Makoko area of Lagos and looks into drug counterfeiting cartel and its ruthless leader who repeatedly eludes law enforcement. The casts are brilliant, and so is the cinematography and dialogue.

The short film stars, Shaffy Bello, Daniel Etim Effiong and Moshood FataiA.

Fishbone which is written by Editi Effiong’s also appeared his directorial debut. The short film produced by Victoria Akujobi is an Anakle film production in collaboration with the US Embassy Nigeria and the US Department of Justice.

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