Full Details Why AYcomedian & Mable Marriage Crisis Gave Their Enemies A Weapon Of Destruction

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    Popular comedian and filmmaker AY Makun dragged a rising content creator named Agozi Samuel to the police for defamation after he made grave allegations about his relationship with May, the wife of Nollywood actor Yul Edochie.

    Agozi Samuel, in a post on his Facebook page, had alleged that the comedian was having an affair with May Edochie, hence the dissolution of her marriage to Yul. He further claimed that AY is not the biological father of his second child, among other allegations. The man further vowed to bring Ayo Makun down.

    Reacting to the allegation, Ayo Makun has filed a petition to the police against Agozi Samuel for his defamatory statements, which he claimed had hurt his over-decade reputation. Captioning the now-deleted post, Ayo Makun stated that he had heard enough of the lies.

    This is coming after AY’s wife, Mabel Makun, raised a shocking alarm over threats to her life. In a series of cryptic posts on January 18 2023, the celebrity interior decorator hinted that she was being abused. The mother-of-two did not name names, but a quick check revealed that the couple, who celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary and 20 blissful years together less than two months ago, has unfollowed each other on Instagram.

    This was when desperate content creators like Agozi Samuel decided to cook up rumours against the couple. Hours after AY slammed him with a defamation lawsuit, the content creator has come out to beg and blame his desperation on Nigerians.

    Well, after a bit of research, we found out that AY is not the only celebrity he has been lying against for content’s sake. Agozi Samuel has also been sending fake alerts and paying for people’s rent to attract followers to his page. Another one of his victims is popular Nollywood actor Amechi Muonagor, whom he sent a fake 500 thousand naira when news went viral about his illness.

    “The yeye guy always attacks celebrities without a single proof on his Facebook page. He did the same to MC Mbakara.” One AY fan lamented.

    “You must not leave him, oh. Pls let it serve as a lesson to many people trending on his part,” another added.

    Is AY making the right move on Agozi Samuel?

    What is truly going on in his family?


    There are celebrity marriages, and then there are celebrities who appear to be in a happy, loving, and blissful marriage. The latter best describes famous Nigerian comedian Ay Makun and his beautiful wife, Mabel Makun. When it comes to this couple, they are so completely smitten by each other that men and women pray that one day they meet their own Mabel or Ay that makes them feel like only they matter in the world. Photos of them together, how they shower praises on one another online, even their matching outfits and how their marriage has been scandal-free is everybody’s prayer point.

    Ay, Makun surely doesn’t need an introduction. All those years of gracing our screen on Ay Live shows as a standup comedian certainly paid off. But Mabel Makun, not so much. The pretty entrepreneur is an interior designer and the celebrated CEO of Midas Interiors, a company she started in 2011. The mother-of-2 holds a degree in Business Administration from Delta State University and another in Arts from the University of London.

    At a time when they were both still struggling entrepreneurs, the couple tied the nuptial knot on November 29, 2008. But Ay and Mabel first met at the Delta State University Abraka during their university days. At the time, AY was the organiser of The Most Beautiful Girl in the DELSU pageant and DELSU Achievers Merit Awards. All he wanted was for Mabel to be among the contestants. From there, one thing led to another, and they fell in love and eventually got married with their family’s blessing, despite being from different tribes. Since then, they have gone on to build a happy home, support each other careers, and become fabulously wealthy. But their dreams of having a bigger family became their biggest storm of life.

    After having their first child, Michelle Makun, the celebrity couple didn’t welcome more children. They prayed, fasted, and cried, but it was not until 13 years later that they successfully welcomed their second child, Ayomide Makun, in January 2022. During that period, the couple were stronger together than ever before. Not once did either of them make the news for stepping out on their partner or having other marital controversies.

    Indeed, since the couple tied the nuptial knot, the Makuns have had no scandal in the media. Unlike other celebrity couples, Ay and Mabel are known for being easygoing couples on this marital journey.

    In August 2023, the couple sadly fell on hard times after they lost their luxury snow-white mansion in Lekki to a fire accident. At the time, the family was away on a holiday abroad, and no lives were lost, just properties. But after returning, Ay and Mabel have been trying to pick up the pieces of their lives and rebuild their home again. But with the poor economy, it seems the couple may also be dealing with money problems.

    Regardless, these two were pushing through. On November 29 2023, the sweet celebrity couple celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary and 20 years of knowing each other. AY took to Instagram to share photos of their wedding and recent photos of them. In the caption, he prayed that their love and marriage continue to strengthen. “It’s been 20 amazing years of knowing each other, 15 years of marital hustle and bustle, occasional sweetness and bitterness, pains and gains. We thank God for the unconditional love and grace that has kept us standing and counting all these years of celebration. In this our first 15th anniversary. I wish us both more love, strength, patience, tolerance, and happiness to be able to celebrate many more 15-year anniversaries together. I LOVE YOU, @realmabelmakun,” he wrote.

    In December of 2023, Ay again showered his wife with even more beautiful compliments. The standup comedian praised Mabel for getting their home running again after they lost their house. Ay said she is the kind of woman every man needs. “Came back home to see all the good work she has been doing to get the home kicking again. We all need that good woman like @realmabelmakun with a strong personality, who is ‘gentle’ at heart. Reliable and dutiful. Thank you for being beautiful inside and out,” he wrote.

    Shockingly, two months after celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary, Mabel Makun raised a cause for alarm in the spirit of “No Gree For Anybody” in 2024. The interior decorator cried out on January 18 2024, that her life was being threatened. Mabel said if anything happens to her, the public knows exactly who to be held responsible. 

    “The threat to my life is getting out of hand, and if anything happens to me, there is just one person to be held responsible. Headed to the police station,” she wrote.

    In a follow-up post, Mabel, who refused to mention any names, said. “Been abused mentally and all around for way too long, and I have had enough,” These cryptic posts left many confused, as two noteworthy events had occurred before it came up. The first is Mabel and her husband unfollowing each other on Instagram. This got many thinking she was referring to Ay comedian in the posts. But again, it’s been a tough pill for people to swallow as the couple have been sweet on each other the past weeks, even taking time to celebrate the 2nd birthday of their second child, Ayomide. Whatever the case, Mabel Makun has not come out to give any further answer. But in a follow-up post, she prayed that her enemies get a double dose of their problems. “God will give those who are troubling you a double dose of their troubles in Jesus’ name!” she wrote.

    On his own side, Ay Comedian completely ignored his wife’s outburst, which resulted in Agozi Samuel, a Sierra-Leone-based Nigerian man, making cooking-up allegations against him.

    In his first video, the Facebook content creator claimed Ay was sleeping with May, the wife of Yul Edochie, and AY is responsible for the marital crises between May and her estranged husband, Yul. Listen for yourself.

    Agozi Samuel didn’t stop there; he made more videos as the views started coming. And said, “Remember our conversation on the 31st night. I told you that I will be the one to bring you down in 2024. Since you don’t want to apologise to Yul Edochie and apologise to his fans because you’re the one masterminding everything. What kind of wicked man are you? AY?

    Reacting via this petition, AY says the allegations made by Agozi are “false, untrue and baseless”. The comedian, through his lawyers, asked the state police command to take immediate action in investigating and apprehending Agozi as there is evidence of him defaming, cyberstalking and cyberbullying him.

    Within hours, Agozi Samuel, who has defamed other Nigerian celebrities, including MC Mbakara, Real Warri Pikin, and Blessing CEO, tendered a public apology to AY. 

    Agozi admitted he made the allegations against the comedian purely for clout and money to pay his rent. According to him, he has been posting content on social media to make some money. Still, none of the content generated income, so he thought to defame the actor and other celebrities so that his video could generate the desired traction and popularity he craved.

    A quick look at his Facebook page: Agozi Samuel is popular for paying people’s rent and crediting them every other week. He also trended in November 2023 for crediting 500K to Nollywood legend Amechi Muonaghor’s account after he fell ill. All these good gestures turned out to be fake and were only posted to attract views and popularity.

    What do you think About AY Makun’s alleged marriage crisis? Would you say there is no trouble in paradise?

    What do you think about Mabel Makun’s cry for help, and since then, hasn’t revealed the person who should be held responsible if anything happens to her?

    How about content creator Agozi Samuel? Should AY accept his apology or go ahead with the defamation?

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