Funny Moment Davido’s Daughter Imade Countered Her Mother Sophia With A Witty Statement While Holidaying In France

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In an amusing and candid video, Davido’s baby mama, Sophia Momodu, and their daughter, Imade Adeleke, openly share their imperfect habits during a viral challenge.

Taking part in the “Pass the Phone” challenge, a playful game where individuals humorously point out distinct traits of their loved ones.

Sophia Momodu and her daughter are featured in a video shared on Sophia’s Instagram story.

Sophia kicked off by playfully stating how Imade feigned not being hungry but managed to finish her food before everyone else.

Imade, in response, countered her mother’s statement with a witty comeback, claiming that she hurriedly finished her lunch out of concern that her mother might end up yelling.

The 8-year-old continued by stating that Sophia Momodu has a tendency to raise her voice a lot. Her mother, however, chuckled at her response.

“Actually, she’s wrong. I’m not hungry, I just ate my food because my mum will start doing her shouting. I’m passing the phone to who’s cranky all the time, who’s so bored all the time; who yells all the time, like c’mon!” she stated.

Watch the video below:


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