Groomsman Walks Out OF His Friend’s Wedding, For Being Disallowed To Wear Earrings During Church Service?

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A young Nigerian man is currently on the news for having tweeted about how he left a church service because the reverend told him to remove his earring. He did not only sound disappointed with the church’s rule, as he ended up insulting the church in his post.

Every organization has rules governing it, so it shouldn’t be a strange thing realizing that churches have their dos and don’ts. 

The tweet said this:

“At a Baptist church in Isolo, groomsman duties, and the reverend just told me I’m not allowed to wear earrings in church.

I calmly left the church, guess it will be reception for me.

Shoutout to Nigerian Christianity, and hope they have fine dining restaurants in hell.

And to the team ‘do it for your friend,’ the friend escorted me while we laughed about it. He snapped the pictures I posted and said ‘see you at the reception, if them born your papa well, no spray me.”

He’s obviously aware that a lot of people would criticize his inability to do it for his friend. A true friend, like many said, would remove the earring for the friend’s wedding, just for that day.

Even if not for the entire day, he should have at least done it during the church service, after which he can then put it on while going for the reception.

The most annoying part of his stand in this issue is the inability to understand that the church has its rules. Some churches don’t allow women to wear trousers, and this is well-known.

If he was going for certain job interviews, would he wear earrings to the venue? Unless he’s not serious about getting the job, as most establishments frown at such style of dressing, no matter how wonderful it appears.

People should learn to accept it when a rule isn’t in their favour – the rule must not bend because of a wedding or some sort of event.

Insulting the reverend shows how uncultured the young man is.  In my opinion, he’s the type that can’t make little compromises for the sake of peace, and such persons are really terrible humans.

They’re extremely selfish people!

Written by: Edward Amah

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