“Happy Birthday, Papa Ejima,” BBNaija Phyna Celebrates Davido’s 31st Birthday

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In a twist of events, Phyna has wished Davido a happy birthday on Twitter.

Her tweet read, “Happy birthday, Papa Ejima.”

Alluding to his recent twin baby delivery, Phyna wishing him a happy birthday comes as a surprise, given the complicated history between Davido and Phyna.

Just a month ago, the two were at odds. The drama started when Davido accidentally liked a tweet that was not in favor of Phyna.

Phyna openly expressed her disappointment, even tagging Davido in her reaction. In a surprising response, Davido stated that he didn’t even know who Phyna was, further fueling the controversy.

Phyna, clearly upset by Davido’s remark, didn’t hold back. She highlighted her own self-worth and God’s recognition of her, regardless of Davido’s acknowledgment.

Her response also included a pointed jab at Davido’s personal life, referencing his multiple relationships and children despite being married. Davido, interestingly, chose not to respond to these comments.

Adding to the drama, Tacha, known for having a tattoo of Davido, stepped in to defend Phyna.

This move was met with irony from fans, given her apparent support for Davido. Davido reacted to this situation by liking a tweet that pointed out the irony.

On a different note, today marks Davido’s birthday, and the entertainment industry is abuzz with celebrities sending their best wishes.

In a touching tribute reported, the son of David’s late friend Obama, DMW, penned an emotional message for Davido. He praised Davido for being a father figure and providing support after his own father’s passing.

Obama’s heartfelt words painted a picture of Davido as a kind and generous man, contrasting with the earlier controversy. 

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