“He Is Struggling With Kidney Disease, Diabetes, & Stroke” Tony Oneweek Shares Details Of Amaechi Muonagor’s Sickness Plead For Financial Assistance

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Tony Oneweek, the cousin of ailing actor Amaechi Muonagor, has cried out to Nigerians for help as the actor, who doubles as his cousin, battles for life.

Africanglitz reported weeks ago that Amaechi is currently battling paralysis from a stroke.

In a heartbreaking video, the legendary actor was seen on the bed as he pleaded with fans and colleagues to come to his aid and narrated how his illness started.

Explaining why he kept his health challenge private, he apologized to the public as he begged for assistance.

Now his cousin has given an update on his illness, disclosing that the actor is battling kidney disease, diabetes, and stroke and pleading with the public to come to his aid.

He stated that Amaechi has been undergoing weekly dialysis and physiotherapy to treat the paralysis brought on by the stroke.

Sharing a photo of him and the actor on his sick bed, he added that he had been shouldering his hospital bills for years until his recent stroke, which made them cry for help.

“This picture was taken two weeks ago when I visited my cousin Amaechi Monagor (Aguiyi) at the Nnewi Teaching Hospital. I initially had wanted to quietly assist the much I could, but later decided to make this post to clarify some things so that my friends, fans, and Amaechi’s fans, and indeed the online community can be better informed.

Amaechi is currently down with kidney disease, diabetes, and stroke. He had been managing his diabetes over the years and living his life. He is presently undergoing weekly dialysis and other treatments at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital Nnewi. His family had been shouldering the costs for years until the recent stroke made his case more serious and indeed more expensive to battle alone, hence the publicity.

Within the limits of my own capabilities, I have done and am still doing my best to assist the much I can, even reaching out to well-meaning individuals who are donating to this cause. Contrary to most online publications, Amaechi is my first cousin. His father and my father are of the same father. We have had a wonderful relationship as members of the same industry and I am proud of him as a “brother”.

Amaechi is so loved worldwide and his fans, friends and ndi Obosi have been wonderful so far. Many groups have been donating money for his hospital bills. As of today, there’s some improvement. His blood sugar is under control but he is still on admission, weekly dialysis, physiotherapy, and other treatments. His full treatments and recovery require sustained funding or donations. No amount is too small. Pls, keep Amaechi and his family in your prayers. May God grant him full healing.

Pls kindly donate to Amaechi Monagor’s First Bank plc account number 3036808437. God bless you now and always. Tony Oneweek Muonagor.”(sic)

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