“He Wanted Me To Have This Child,” Davido’s Alleged Pregnant Lover Anita Brown Reveals

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US-based swimwear entrepreneur Anita Brown has made a new relationship about her pregnancy with singer Davido.

In a post on her Instagram, Anita claimed that Davido wants her to keep the baby but is only pretending.

She stated that none of the drama would be happening if Davido wanted her to terminate the pregnancy.

According to her, Davido knows she will throw tantrums because he knows her temperament.

Telling trolls to keep being oblivious, she reiterated that Davido wants her to keep his baby.

“Trust me that man wants me to have the baby, this would not all be happening if that’s not what he really wants.

It’s already out, that’s what he wanted. He knew I would do this cause he knows my temperament.

He wanted me to have this child. Keep being oblivious all y’all want”.

She emphasized that she didn’t ruin anything.

“I didn’t ruin a thing”.

Anita Brown accuses Davido of impregnating her

Africanglitz reported last week that Anita Brown left many stunned when she accused Davido of impregnating her.

She alleged that she met Davido in Dubai in 2017 and that it was never a one-night stand. She shared screenshots of their purported love messages.

Anita Brown also shared a video of her conducting a pregnancy test, where the result read positive.

To further prove her allegations, she shared a video of her backstage while the singer sang at one of his shows in September 2018.

Anita also shared chats between her and Davido’s cousin, Clarks Adeleke, where he tried interceding on Davido’s behalf.

“I am your Karma; I’ll get your baby mama’s work visa in America so they can get what they deserve.” Anita Brown’s filthy drags Davido

In a series of tweets, the soon-to-be mom of one vowed to get a work visa for all of Davido’s baby mamas to help them get justice from the singer.

Calling Davido a hypocrite, she told him to keep making hit songs, as all of them would need them.

She claimed that Davido has six baby mamas, who are all unpaid and struggling and can’t speak out.

The US-based entrepreneur stated that she is the singer’s Karma, as she is the wrong one to mess with.

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