Heart-Wrenching Moment BNXN Surprisingly Fell Off The Stage, Left His Fans Amused With His Reaction

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Nigerian Afro-fusion singer, songwriter, and record producer, Daniel Etiese Benson, professionally known as BNXN, has shocked many with his fall and particularly his reaction after falling off stage during his concert in Lagos.

In a widely circulated video online, the singer was initially seen performing energetically to an enthusiastic crowd before stumbling off the stage just seconds later.

While onstage singing and moving around, he unknowingly slipped, causing one of his legs to go off the stage, resulting in his fall.

As he fell, the voices of his shocked fans could be heard in the background.

Nevertheless, Buju BNXN quickly stood up after the significant fall, smiled, and continued his performance on stage.

Many viewers who watched the video took to the comments section to share their thoughts about the singer.

See the video and some reactions below:


SKIDZ: “‎I just love the way bro ends everything he does with a smile or laugh.”

SonOfIsaac: “Dude just took it on a lighter note. If it were me, I’d just start wishing I could disappear. E for energy”

STAY HIGH: “‎Nothing to laugh about 😏, I feel sorry for him.”

Mikolo: “one thing I like about him, Buju keeps positive energy always. See his smile after he got up”

Dj_donbjupiter: “‎Everybody just dey fall for stage food don cost 😂 them don weak.”

BigSolomusic: “‎On colos mood.”

Smaggi dollars 💵 of USA:“‎This man take things.”

MrLuckson:“‎Can’t stop laughing.”

ikegod8: “‎listen to what he was saying before the full…. food for thought.”

Clinton: “‎Hey Jesus if nah me, make ground just open carry me dey go where i no know.”

Damian_Ancestor: “‎To be honest judging from the angle of his view ,he intentionally did it, cause he saw he was at the end but still dipped, publicity stunt, BNXN.”

Damian_Ancestor:“‎That guy he fell on, I heard the GUY is being admitted at ISOLO GENERAL right now ,from serious concussion.”

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