Heartbreaking Video Shows Junior Pope’s Eldest Son Refusing To Pour Sand Into His Father’s Grave As He Grapples With Sorrow

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A heartbreaking video captures the moment Junior Pope’s first son refused to pour sand into his father’s grave, overwhelmed by sorrow.

Junior Pope died on April 10th in a fatal boat crash while en route to a movie location. He was subsequently buried on Friday, May 17th.

In the video serving rounds, the clergyman handed a spade to each member of the Junior Pope’s family to pour sand into the grave as a final gesture of respect.

We all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Deadlines loom, social calendars fill up, and before you know it, your energy reserves are depleted.

While Junior Pope’s wife and two other children followed the tradition, his first son could not bring himself to do it.

Watch the video below;

This scene has deeply touched many Nigerians, prompting an outpouring of sympathy and support for the family.

Reacting, One @Vero wrote: “My son, I know it is painful to see yr dad being poured sand on. Don’t worry Jah will call and yr dad will answer someday. Yr dad will get up and embrace you all again. You and yr siblings will glow and grow by His grace. You are not alone My promising daughter died at the age of 29 and left a child less than two yrs old behind. I thought heaven and Earth will collide but it never happened. Today, the child she left behind is growing and glowing by His grace. It shall be well with you and your siblings and yr mother and yr grandma by His grace.”

@Gira wrote: “May your soul rest in God’ s eternal peace Junior pope. I shed tears as I type bc I have experienced this type of tragedy in 2014. Jah will be with you, in you, behind you around you and your siblings, mothers and other loved ones of yr father.”

Junior Pope’s TRAGIC Death And HEARTBREAKING Burial That Left Wife Sons & Family Devastated 

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