How FXkudi Is Solving Online Shopping Experience In Africa

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FXKUDI is a top-notch growing African B2B and B2C FinTech firm with a customer-satisfying experience and result-orientated  approach to offering struggle-free financial transactions such as sending and receiving money, payment of bills such as airtime and DSTV subscription. The firm further offers an online credit card that lets you buy on your most liked websites like Amazon, Netflix, Apple Stores and so on.

FXkudi has been offering payment delivery  service for Africans, beginning from Ghana, and Nigeria. The company is already connected with Nigerians and Ghanaians who are entrepreneurs, and individuals who send and receive fund between the two nations. Though not only between the two nations,they are fully prepared to extend and serve other African nations.

What is the age of the Startup Company?

The business has been operating since close to 2years now to be exact . The firm was newly  integrated into the growing African market around 23rd February 2020.

In a short period, the business led by three young Africans has been offering payment delivery service for businesses in Ghana. According to the company, they are on a target to power entrepreneurs in Africa and allow Africans have access to sending, receiving easily, fast, and secure.

FXKudi Products so Far?

In April, 3 months after they launched in Ghana, they launched together, their main online money transfer service, a product that allows their users to create virtual dollar cards in order to make an international payment.

This is a product tagged, FXKudi Card. FXKudi has helped over 3000 people have access to secure and fast online payment with their virtual card. Their virtual prepaid card allows users to pay on any of their preferred online platforms ranging from Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple Store, Netflix, Microsoft, eBay, Konga, Jumia, and many other platforms online.

As it is part of their mission to power businesses across Africa, they have also deployed merchant applications to help small businesses accept payment and go cashless. This was a move to help people stay safe in the current Pandemic.

Speaking with the team in an interview, they said, “one of the major things they want to focus on in Africa is to ensure that the process of using their products by their users is simple”. “As long as we are promising a fast and secure way of sending, receiving, and spending. We also want to keep things simple in a way that you don’t need to read a manual to use FXKudi”.

Currently, the company is on a mission to give people the power to pay a reality and to truly serve the African people’s payment needs. “Situations where foreign students in Ghana are having difficulties receiving money for their upkeep or other school-related fees, the company has taken the mandate to make life easy by making things simple for people, and that’s not difficult to do”.

“We have made it possible for our users to send and receive money into their mobile money wallets, especially in Ghana where over 58% of its population now use mobile. This is to ensure we do not leave anyone out as we look to serve the banked and unbanked in Africa”, they added. But for Nigeria, receiving money using our online money transfer is easily sent into the receiver’s bank account.

However, we are looking to expand our operations in that region by recruiting agents in strategic places. This also is part of our plan to serve the banked and unbanked in the Nigerian market.”

Sign up for your FXKudi Card Here and use FXKXH8S as your invite code.

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