How Korra Obidi Was Brutally Attack By A Stranger While On Holiday In London

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Korra Obidi, the singing and dancing princess from the Motherland, became a victim of acid and knife attack while on holiday in London.

Korra Obidi went live on her Facebook account as she normally does, all dressed up. She told her fans she was going to explore London more. As she opened the door to leave the apartment, her camera captured how a stranger pushed her back in and then started struggling. Korra could be heard pleading for her life and asking the stranger to forgive her. A few minutes later, Korra picked up her phone, which dropped during the struggle and announced that she had been attacked by someone who poured acid on her face and tried to stab her with a knife.

In a video posted on her Instagram page, the mother of two was in an ambulance to the hospital after the attack in the middle of her livestream.

She stated that there has been a lot of hate in the past, but this physical assault is a wake-up call for her.

“Currently in an ambulance to the hospital, there was a knife, acid attack on me in the UK in the middle of a live stream. There’s been a lot of hate in the past but this physical assault is a wake-up call.

If you have any information as to the attacker, a black female. 5 foot. please forward to”.


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The 32-year-old further wrote in the comments section, “Guys I’m in the hospital. Safety with travel is no longer a luxury but a necessity. The acid was salicylic and I was lucky. Love you guys.”

In her comment section, Nkechi Blessing, Phyna, Amara Knau, and more asked about her current state.



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A spokesperson for Metropolitan Police revealed to E! News that police received a call on Thursday afternoon regarding an assault in central London.

“Officers attended and found a woman in her 30s with a cut to her hand and reporting a liquid had been thrown at her face,” the spokesperson said. “She was taken to hospital for treatment. The liquid was later confirmed to be a non-noxious cosmetic item.”

The spokesperson added, “Another woman left the scene prior to police arrival. An investigation is underway.”

Korra’s sister, Nancy Umeh also detailed the near-fatal incident on Instagram Stories.


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Sometimes back, Korra Obidi reflected on her growing-up days in Deeper Life Church, revealing that she grew up in Deeper Life Church with a strict religious upbringing, which she has now ditched.

Recall that Justin Dean announced divorce in March 2022, 10 days after they welcomed their second child. But Korra Obidi was the one who took action and for the marriage to end on paper.

Their divorce was quite messy on social media as the fans of the former couple dragged each other.

The couple’s divorce was finally finalized on November 19, 2022, with both of them sharing joint custody of their two daughters.

Korra, who was elated with the divorce, stated that she was open to moving on in peace with her ex for the sake of the children.

The UK police are currently investigating the attack. While Korra has gone back to LA. Posting this video, Korra debunks rumours that she staged her own attack.

“I escaped with the best possible scenario and this I am grateful. Hoping the investigations will yield some closure as to who the ring leader to all these attacks are.

I have been suffering in silence for 2 years since divorce. Glad this was LIVE and there is ample evidence. Don’t want to wait till the worse happens and help will finally come.

This can only be God
Thank you everyone. ❤️” – She wrote.



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