How Uti Nwachukwu’s 40th Birthday Celebration Got People Talking

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Nollywood actor and tv host Uti Nwachukwu celebrated his 40th birthday on August 3rd in the most fantastic way. However, the way he kick-started his special day, as usual, sparked a massive controversy that got people talking on social media. 

Dropping these first set of gorgeous birthday photos, where he rocked a snow-white gown and headscarf, with a massive ring-light behind and posing like a god, he captioned it; “They say Life begins at 40…I doubted this. It scared me, but I can CONFIRM that this is NO LIE. 2022 Has been my most successful year in the past decade. It really did feel like a renewal! 

Physically, Mentally, Carrer Wise and definitely Spiritually.

God keeps coming thru, and I am short of words to express my extreme gratitude. 

He finished the write-up by saying, “GROWTH definitely looks good on me, So come, find rest in all this Love I have to Give. This is #Uti40th

As you can imagine, Birthday messages from both celebs and fans began flooding on his time.

When you think you’ve seen it all, he dropped these closeups where he rocked a headscarf beautifully as a crown and brown butterfly-looking earings; he captioned it with capital letters, “CHAPTER 40: THE GOD KING”.

Insinuating that he is Narcissus from Greek mythology, Uti shared a screenshot of the Greek god who was known for his beauty and rejected all romantic advances and eventually falling in love with his own reflection in a pool of water, staring at it for the rest of his life as the person he loves the most. 

Hmm, deep, right? What is Uti trying to tell us, that he is a man who has fallen in love with himself and will be having ZERO romantic connection with others for the rest of his life?

As you can imagine, comments rained on the photos. 

His former BFF, Alexx Ekubo, wrote: “Uti, I’m confused, are you Mary Magdalene now?

Reality Star Prince wrote, “Ashawoooooo.. you want to fall in love with your reflection.”

Actor Lydia Forson wrote, “I remember telling you just how much you love yourself; glad to see you’ve embarrassed it fully. Now let me go and finish this long ass emotional message I’m about to post”.

Dropping more thought-provoking closeup pictures, where he rocked his famous dreadlocks and posed like a man in love with himself, he captioned it again with capital letters: ART: A BEAUTIFUL MAN…. AND AFTER HE CREATED THIS, HE RESTED 🙏🏾🤍 #uti40th

BBnaija reality star @itz_praise wrote: This one is Mother Confessor vibes, oh! Amongst several other reactions.

The fact that Uti Nwachukwu is very handsome and has an amazing job in the entertainment industry, single and not searching at 40, as an African Man has also got people talking. Some are also questioning his sexuality, but we guess calling himself Narcissus, the greek god, explains it all.

This wouldn’t be the first time Uti Nwachkuwku will post a thought-provoking photo; for his August 2021 39th birthday, he posted these photos to embrace his sensuality in the most enchanting way. However, for his 40th birhday, he fearlessly spread out his wings a little further by adding earing and rocking long dreadlocks.

Looking back, Uti rose to the entertainment industry’s limelight after winning the All-Stars season of Big Brother Africa in 2010. Before his big win, he had featured in the Nigerian reality TV show, the Next Movie Star and came out in second place.

His fame kick-started in 2008 when he participated in the Big Brother Africa 3 reality show and was the third housemate to be evicted. He gained a considerable fan base, so he returned to the show in 2010 and was known as the housemate who always teased other housemates. At the end of the show, he emerged as the winner and was awarded a cash price of $200,000.

Returning to Nigeria, Uti started getting roles and features in big Nollywood movies and music collaborations. His fan base kept growing, which helped him become the official ambassador of youth for Delta State and the tourism ambassador for Cross River State and has been successful in his career up until this day.

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