“I am More Beautiful Than Any Woman; There Isn’t A Man Born Of A Woman I Will Fear” Tonto Dikeh  Shares Her Self-Awareness Regarding Her “Toxic Traits,”

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The talented actress and philanthropist Tonto Dikeh gave us a glimpse into some of her personality traits.

In a recent Instagram post, she bared her thoughts on her own perception of her beauty and also unwrapped a list of her toxic traits.

Sharing her thoughts with her followers, Tonto Dikeh confidently stated that she holds the title of the most beautiful woman on Earth.

She affirmed that regardless of how beautiful someone might look, she truly believed herself to be the better-looking person.

Another toxic trait she identified was her stance on giving people second chances.

Instead of opting for forgiveness, she revealed that she would rather respond with a “tit-for-tat” action.

Tonto confidently stated that she is no man born of a woman; she will be feared as her self-confidence would make one think she owns the world.

The mother of two added that she believes in an eye for an eye and that there is no one on earth more beautiful than her.

The beautiful actress includes not caring what others think about her, walking tall, not giving second chances, being selfish with her happiness, and always getting what she wants.

In her words, “My Toxic Traits:

Don’t care what you think about me
Walking tall, earning tall, and waxing tall
I don’t give 2nd chances, everyone else deserves one, not just from me.
I am extremely selfish with my happiness.
I always get what I want
If I say I’ll achieve I will.
I have so much faith in myself.
You may be beautiful but I am more beautiful than any woman ever born.
My self-confidence would make you think I own the world.
There isn’t a man born of a woman I will fear.
I strongly believe in an eye for an eye.
Matching black eyes and saving for rainy days.
I can never speak to a human ever again if I decide to”.

Tonto Dikeh makes an interesting revelation about herself

Months back, Tonto Dikeh had taken to social media to make an interesting revelation about herself.

The controversial actress, who is well known for her celebrity fights, highlighted her unique qualities.

Revealing what makes her stand out from others, Tonto described herself as a real one, a fighter, and a beast. However, she is a true ride-or-die, a lover and a king. She added that the losses she has experienced are never hers.

I am half hood, don’t play with me” Tonto Dikeh issues stern warning

In another post, Tonto Dikeh while issuing a stern warning to an unnamed person, made an interesting revelation about herself.

Tonto declared that she is half hood and half holy, as she cautioned the unidentified person not to play with her, but to pray with her.

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