“I Appreciate The Apology, May God Bless Us All” -Nollywood Star Alexx Ekubo Responds To Ex Fiance Fancy’s Apology

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In a shocking apology note shared on her Instagram page on December 29, 2022, Fancy said nothing makes sense when they are apart and losing the Nollywood star has felt like grief. The US-based beauty hinted she is sorry for the hurt and pain she caused Alexx Ekubo and his family while admitting she overreacted over what happened between them and has eventually learned her lesson. Since the breakup, Alexx Ekubo has been living his best life.

It’s almost as if Fancy breaking his heart opened doors for the ‘Bling Lagosicans’ actor. The calm and calculated Nollywood star invested the time and resources he was spending going back and forth to the US to visit his ex-fiancee into his career. And the result is massive wins, including a mansion in Lekki. Well, seeing what he achieved without Fancy, it’s possible he wouldn’t want to get coupled with her again, mainly after the shattered heart. That’s not all, Alpha Male Association of Nigeria have advised the actor to refrain from taking the once love of his life back.

Many took to social media to urge him to wear his big boy pants and forgive his ex-fiancee but never to marry her. It looks like Alexx Ekubo has come to a decision. Reacting to his ex-fiance’s apology, the actor wrote in the comments section, “I appreciate the apology; may God bless us all.”. Sadly, many social media users began laughing at Fancy, over the Nollywood star who seems too busy with December activities, short, cold and unromantic reply to the post. Surprisingly, she now deleted the apology post. #alexxekubo AlexxEkuboExFiance #fancyacholonu #NollywoodActorAlexxEkubo #Nollywood #NigeriandWedding

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