“I Believe He Has The Capacity To Fix Nigeria He Has My Support, 100%” Yul Edochie Promises To Continue Praying For President Tinubu

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Nollywood actor and failed presidential candidate Yul Edochie has continued to drum up support for President Tinubu.

Taking to his Instagram page to share a photo of him wearing an outfit with the president’s photo on it, he noted how the country isn’t in the best situation yet, but he believes all will be well.

He stated that he believes everything will be fine and believes in the president and his capacity to fix the country. As such, he would continue to pray for him to succeed.

Declaring his full support for President Tinubu, Yul made it known that there is neither leave nor transfer when it comes to his support for him.

“Our country is not in the best situation at the moment.

But all will be well.

I believe everything will be fine.

I believe in President Tinubu. @officialasiwajubat

I believe he has the capacity to fix Nigeria and I’ll keep praying for him to succeed.

He has my support, 100%.

No leave no transfer.

God bless Nigeria”.

His support for the president isn’t surprising, as following his election, Yul was one of the few who congratulated him and prayed for his tenure.

Last year, he took his love for Tinubu further when he gave himself a new name, Asiwaju Baby, and rocked a Tinubu-inspired outfit—a native top—that had the face of the President on it.

In another post, he declared that Tinubu had his support as he believed he was a man of wisdom. He noted that, as a leader, Tinubu has access to certain information that the citizens don’t have, hence why some of his decisions may not be fully understood by the people.

His constant public endorsement of the president has certainly sparked a wave of reactions and discussions among Nigerians and Netizens.

One example was when Yul was subjected to mockery online after he celebrated his colleague Ali Nuhu’s appointment as the managing director of the Nigerian Film Corporation.

Yul had congratulated him on his new appointment, which he stated was clearly deserved, and prayed for God to give him all he needed to lead well.

Netizens used the opportunity to mock him, noting that despite his public support for the president, he doesn’t acknowledge his efforts.

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