“I Cut My Dreadlocks Because It Affects My Thinking Sometimes” Skit Maker Sabinus Opens Up

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Famous skit maker Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Ejekwu, better known as Sabinus or Mr. Funny, shared the reason behind his decision to shave his signature dreadlocks after many years.

Sabinus, who had long been recognized for his distinctive black dreads, recently opted for a clean-shaven, low-cut look.

In an interview, he candidly explained the reason behind his decision.

He disclosed that he had carried his dreads for an extended period, and they had gradually become a significant burden for him. He described the hair as an obstruction that had started to interfere with his ability to think clearly.

Additionally, Sabinus noted that low-cut was the hairstyle with which he attained fame. It was only after achieving stardom that he switched to dreadlocks.

The comedian, who spoke partly in Pidgin said, “I cut my dreadlocks because it affects my thinking sometimes; it was as if I was carrying a load on my head. So, I decided to shave.

“Low cut was the hair I used to hit fame, but I later did the dreadlocks for branding purposes. However, I’m back again to my low cut to see if I will receive fresh ideas again,” 

Watch the video below:

Reacting to the clip, netizens had different things to say.

One @lady.esty wrote: “Dread is spiritual in a way… if you know you know.”

thisiskingx wrote: “It’s good to always remember home , your start point.. na Wetin him do so 👏.”

helenikeolisa wrote: “My eyes 👀 is only focusing on the Gold chain 😂😂😂😂😂.”

bahdt_girl_annie1 wrote: “😂😂😂he say na him girl tell am to barb am.”

josmartofficial wrote: “We don hear his own side of story I been think say na woman cut him hair because Sabinus when I know even when he never blow na low cut and then he no too like woman but as he carry dread na so woman and confusion 😂😂😂😂.”

adewoleolaa wrote: “Low cut is for people who think well … and people with Dreadlocks don’t think well ?! See, asides comedy , the joy, laugher you bring biweekly and all of the entertainment thing ..most of you “opportunists” don’t actually have sense, you say a lot of Nonsense.”

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