“I Did So Much Sh*t In My Life. I Had My N!pples Out, My Pants Out,” Rihanna Expresses Regrets Over Her N*de Fashion Style

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Rihanna has expressed regret over her past choice to wear bikinis and showcase her body.

Reflecting on her bikini fashion, the singer questions whether she truly went down that path.

Rihanna noted that, since becoming a mother, her sense of style has been influenced in a new direction.

Admitting to her wild past, she acknowledges that in her younger days, she was more willing to reveal her body. Looking back, she is astounded by some of the choices she made, now realizing she would never do the same as a mother and a more mature woman.

In an interview with Vogue, she acknowledged her past behaviour, saying: “It is going to sound hypocritic but… I did so much sh*t in my life. I had my nipples out, my panties out,” she told Vogue.

“But now those are the things that I guess as a mum and evolved young lady, I would never do. I’m just like, ‘Oh! My God, I really did that?”

In another story, Rihanna shares a recent family photo that got fans talking.

The superstar appeared in a picture with her partner, A$AP Rocky, and their son, looking a little messy in her hairstyle.

During a pleasant family outing, Rihanna and Rocky were pictured, with one of their sons holding a balloon dog on a balloon leash and Rihabba posing with a balloon bouquet.

Even though her hair was a little messy, she was beaming as she posed with her family.

Rihanna’s real portrayal of motherhood has sparked an overwhelming response from her fans, who could relate to the change motherhood could have on someone.


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