“I Don’t Want My Legs To Be Cut Off,” Mr. Ibu Cries Out From The Hospital Bed As He Begs For Prayers And Financial Aid

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Much-loved Nollywood actor John Okafor, aka Mr. Ibu, has once again cried out in pain over his health on social media.

The movie star, who has been known to have ups and downs in his health, is now bedridden at the hospital after his situation turned worse.

Mr. Ibu took to his official Instagram page to beg for assistance from well-meaning Nigerians as he faces amputation.

According to Mr. Ibu, he has been down at the hospital for about two weeks now, and the doctors are considering cutting off his legs if things do not get better.

The movie star, who seemed to be close to tears, said that he doesn’t want his legs cut off because he wouldn’t know what to do with himself after that. Mr. Ibu called for prayers as well as financial assistance from kind Nigerians.

He said: “Hello my name is John Ikechukwu Okafor, Mr Ibu. I’ve been down for so many weeks, all I’m hoping for your prayers and assistance. I’ve been in the hospital since as I speak to you I’m still lying down in the hospital. The medical director of this hospital said that the best solution is in case this new idea doesn’t work, the best idea is to cut off my leg. Just see me, if they cut off my leg where would I go? Where will I go from here? Please be on prayers for me, talk to God almighty, I don’t want my legs to be cut off please, thank you so much, God bless you.” 

Also in the video, Mr. Ibu’s adopted daughter, Jasmine, spoke about the actor’s condition. According to her, he is in need of serious help both financially and spiritually.

She explained that their family thought his sickness was something they could handle on their own, and she has been personally footing the bill, and they now realize that they need assistance.

Jasmine noted that Mr. Ibu is admitted to one of the best private hospitals in Lagos, and they are considering moving him there because his condition is not improving.

She called on organizations and individuals who would assist them in perhaps flying the actor abroad for better treatment.

According to the young lady, Mr. Ibu doesn’t want to die now, and he has been fighting for his life. She noted that he still has the will to live.

See the emotional video below:
Mr. Ibu celebrates his 62nd birthday on a hospital bed

Meanwhile, it was earlier reported that Mr. Ibu recently clocked the new age of 62, and he celebrated it as a patient in the hospital.

In the recording, his family marked his birthday as he sat down, looking terribly ill.

They tried to cheer him up, but he would have none of their jokes. In the video, one of the actor’s legs was an eyesore as it was severely wounded. The ailing actor was also not cheerful in the few minutes the video lasted.

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