“I Paved The Way For Hype Women” BBNaija Phyna Acknowledges Herself As A Pioneer In Promoting Nigerian Hype Women

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Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ winner, Ijeoma Otabor, better known as Phyna, has credited herself with paving the way for Hype women in Nigeria.

The reality star, during a recent episode of her podcast, noted that before going to Biggie’s house, she was the only Hype woman in Abuja, but after her return from the show, she started seeing lots of hype girls.

She stated that whether they acknowledge it or not, she was the one who paved the way for them. She explained that her success after the reality show made them realize they could also make it big with hyping.

Phyna further stated that when she went to Ghana, she saw many hype girls, and most of them followed her on Instagram. She added that tomorrow such ladies would say no one paved the way for them; meanwhile, they saw her do it first and followed suit.

“Before I went to BBN, I was a hype woman. I used to be in Abuja and I was the only Hype girl in Abuja and I was getting known, I was going to clubs and they were already knowing me. When I went into the show and came out, I started seeing plenty of hype girls. Whether they like it or not, I paved the way for them because it was at that point they realized a hype person can go big. Even when I went to Ghana, a lot of girls came to me saying they were hype girls and I was like ‘Wow that’s good’ and a lot of them followed me on Instagram. Tomorrow now, somebody would say no one paved the way for me. No, you saw someone do it first and you wanted to do it. For me, I saw someone do it first before I did it”.

Weeks ago, Phyna revealed to everyone that she was the blue point. She boldly declared that she is the one who gives other people ideas and the person whom others come to take ideas from.

In a previous tweet, she revealed that social media was dry, hinting at the fact that it was dry because she had not done anything controversial and she was not on the trends table.

To prove her point, Phyna noted how her rival, Beauty, was following in her footsteps after she featured in a skit, which she earlier condemned Phyna for.

Speaking out, Phyna stated that everything they trolled her for, their faves were now doing it.

In other news, some weeks ago, Phyna recounted how her controversies and scandals had made her lose 17 brand deals.

She revealed how a brand rejected working with her because they felt she was an abuser after a blog made a false accusation about her and Groovy.

The reality star stated that the trolling on social media negatively affected her, as she lost 17 brand deals in total between 2022 and 2023.

Despite the lost deals, Phyna recalled how she turned down N5 million. According to her, a man had offered her the money for sex at a nightclub, which she declined and ordered the man to leave her presence.

She further said she had asked the man for his account number so she could gift him the money. Many didn’t believe her, and speaking up for herself, Phyna stated that N5 million is a chicken change to her as she can make it by just sitting at home without going out to hustle.

She noted how N5 million is just $5000, and she has more than that in her dollar account.


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