“I Tap Into The Gym, I Tap Into My Kitchen, & Most Importantly I Tap Into My Mind” – Ronke Tiamiyu Advises Women How To Look Best To Attract Men & Businesses Instead Of Cosmetic Surgery

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Nollywood actress and producer, Ronke Tiamiyu has some important advice for women on cosmetic surgery.

This comes after news broke out that a lady had lost her life during a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) procedure.

Taking to her Instagram story, Ronke Tiamiyu kicked against undergoing cosmetic surgery and facial treatments.

She, however, concurred that getting cosmetic surgery can help a lady look better, attract different men and also business opportunities.

But for her, women don’t need that as she believes one can still attract all the aforementioned without going under the knife.

Ronke, confessed that she also harbored the thoughts of plastic surgery but she changed her mindset.

“Ladies! I understand that getting cosmetic surgery can help you look a lot better. It can help you attract different men, it can help you attract drift business opportunities. Although that is very true, I want to remind you that you are already attractive and you can still attract great opportunities being the exact who you are. I went through a face where I felt like I needed to change things about my body and my look in other to be more attractive and I’m just so glad that it worked.

To get out of that mindset, to get out of that face because I learnt that yes I can naturally look really good and they are some naturally things I can do enhance what I already have. So anytime I’m not feeling confident about myself.

I tap into the gym, I tap into my kitchen, and most importantly I tap into my mind. My mind is the most powerful tool that I can ever use to make changes around me. I don’t want a lot women especially young women to feel pressured.

To get these surgeries and facial treatments in other to look or feel bet. Because you will still attract certain men and certain businesses opportunities being exactly who you are. If you don’t believe that I encourage you to do the work so.

So that you can start being confident about yourself”.

For actress, Nazo Ekezie, she thinks otherwise of this as she believes cosmetics surgery shouldn’t be condemned.

Stop saying ‘Love your body’, it is not easy for everyone’ – Nazo Ekezie drums support for ladies who do body surgery

The movie star had drummed her support for ladies who undertake the risks of liposuction in order to flaunt a perfect body.

This came after a lady died due to complications arising from body surgery she had undergone.

Reacting to this, some celebrities in the likes of Alex Unusual and Anita Joseph urged ladies to embrace and love their bodied rather than risking it all while going under the knife.

But this advise didn’t obviously go down well with Ms Ekezie who urged celebrities and other well meaning Nigerians to concentrate on demanding justice for the late lady, as well as making sure the surgeon is put behind bars.

She wrote, ” I am more worried, about careless and unqualified plastic surgeon getting away with murder in this country because we are more focused on shamming people who want to change their bodies . People are dying let focus on that and don’t you dare come for me … I have never gone under the knife.”

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