“I Woke Up With My Palms And Under Feet Itching Me,” Tonto Dikeh Brims With Joy As She Shares Her Exciting News

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Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has expressed excitement about her future blessings.

The single mother of one revealed that she woke up with her palms and feet itching, and in her village, that means an abundance of wealth is coming to her.

Tonto further revealed that she has been uncontrollably happy for months, and unlike before, she isn’t afraid to own her happiness.

“Woke up excited..

I have been uncontrollably happy for months and unlike before I’m not afraid to own happiness.

Woke up with my palms and under feet itching me. My people, are you thinking what I’m thinking?

“So back in the days, in the village. We had this belief that when your palm and under feet (foot) itch you.

You are about to receive an abundance of wealth in a very short time.

Like joke like joke this has worked for me from childhood..m.

I’m having butterflies in my stomach just thinking of what’s to come. Am I alone?”.

“I woke up with a heavy heart,” Tonto Dikeh says of her worries.

Just days ago, Tonto Dikeh was left worried after seeing an emotional video of a lady in dire need of help.

The actress revealed that she had a restless night after seeing a painful video of a lady with Stage IV Breast Cancer.

According to the lady, she had been told by her doctor that she had a few days to live and was soliciting prayers from Christians.

Reacting, Tonto revealed that the video had been so heavy on her heart since she saw it that she prayed for her.

Calling on her fans to join her, Tonto Dikeh said a powerful word of prayer for her.

“I woke up with a heavy heart…. 2 things cloud my mind… It’s been so heavy on my heart since I saw this video on @gistlovergram_mediahouse page to pray for this woman.

Please people if you have a mini of 2 say a prayer for this lady!!
Take her case to all the altars of fire, my Muslim brethren pls join us in interceding for her!!!”.

“I hide this part of me, but it’s time to let it go.” Tonto Dikeh reveals a hidden part about her

Tonto Dikeh had earlier revealed that she was in her happy era, and she isn’t giving room for anyone to make her unhappy.

Taking to her Instagram page, Tonto Dikeh revealed that she had decided to stay happy all the days of her life.

Tonto Dikeh revealed a hidden part of herself as she shared a video of her dancing and being goofy.

The single mother added that she was ready to let loose and hurt no damn body.

“I have decided to stay happy all the days of my life…
I hide this part of me a lot but it’s time to let loose and hurt no damn body”.

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