“If Not He Go Use You Do Sacrifice” Davido Bows & Salutes Actor KOK Before Extending His Hand For A Shake Sparks Reactions 

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Popular veteran actor Kanayo O. Kanayo, aka KOK, has accepted that his role as a ritualist in most movies is the reputation he has to live with.

In a video sighted online, the actor and singer Davido had an encounter at the club, which sparked reactions online.

The Unavailable crooner saluted and bowed first before taking KOK’s hand in a handshake.

Surrounded by his people, Davido went right back to his business.

Netizens react to Davido and KOK’s video

The encounter and the kind of respect Davido gave the veteran actor got netizens making jokes about being used for sacrifice.

Read the comments below:

hes__black: “Make him no use am.”

mufutauolayiwola: “That’s Yoruba for u, we have respect for all.”

_.forever_sweet000: “If not he go use you do sacrifice.” 

ifedirich: “Na him papa nah abi him no reach ni.”

raychelle_the_realtor: “Ah! Na who no show Nnanyi sacrifice respect I pity.” 

Kanayo breaks silence amid trending ritual videos that left netizens talking

Popular Nigerian veteran actor Kanayo O. Kanayo finally broke his silence as clips from his old movies went viral on the popular social media platform TikTok.

TikTok users compiled different clips from Kanayo’s old movies. In the short videos, the veteran actor is seen playing different ritual roles.

Amid the trending videos, Kanayo shared a picture of himself with a caption that has further stirred reactions.

Kanayo O. Kanayo prays for his son leaving home for the US

Kanayo stirred massive reactions online after a clip of him praying for his son went viral.

The actor in the trending clip was heard saying to his son that America would favor and celebrate him, and all his efforts would have a fruitful end.

Kanayo described his son, Montel, as a good boy and prayed that he wouldn’t become a burden to him and the family.

Davido Bows & Salutes KOK Before Extending His Hand For A Shake Spark Reactions

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