“I’ll Be Assisting The Police On The Truth,” Naira Marley Reveals As He Returns To Nigeria

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In a recent turn of events, Naira Marley, a controversial Nigerian musician, has returned to Lagos, Nigeria, to lend his assistance to the ongoing investigation surrounding the untimely death of fellow artist Mohbad.

This new development has sparked significant public interest, given the complicated circumstances and history between Naira Marley and Mohbad.

The tragic passing of Mohbad has continued to hang like a dark cloud over Nigerians, leaving fans and colleagues in deep mourning.

However, as news of his untimely death spread, a series of events and associations began to connect Naira Marley to this devastating loss.

The relationship between Naira Marley and Mohbad had been marred by misunderstandings and tensions prior to Mohbad’s passing.

These longstanding grievances contributed to the cloud of suspicion surrounding the circumstances of Mohbad’s death.

Adding to the suspicions was the fact that Naira Marley was currently residing abroad at the time of Mohbad’s tragic death.

This physical separation fueled suspicions and led to numerous questions from the Nigerian public as well as the authorities.

Many Nigerians began to voice their concerns, demanding that Naira Marley return to Nigeria to address the allegations and clear his name if he was genuinely innocent. The prevailing sentiment was that his return could help dispel the suspicion that loomed over him.

In the midst of these mounting suspicions and public outcry, Naira decided to break his silence. He granted a candid interview to the prominent Nigerian activist Reno Omokri, where he opened up about his reservations and explained the reasons behind his initial reluctance to return to Nigeria following Mohbad’s passing.

During this interview, Naira Marley revealed that he had been hesitant about returning to Nigeria due to concerns for his personal safety. He expressed a willingness to cooperate with the authorities in the investigation but underscored the importance of his safety. He emphasized that if adequate security and protection were provided, he would willingly return to Nigeria to assist with the ongoing inquiry.

“I’d like to share that I’ve just arrived back in Lagos, Nigeria to assist the authorities with the ongoing investigation. It’s important I do my part for Imole. I’ll be meeting with the police with hopes for the truth to be uncovered and for justice to prevail.”

And true to his word, he has returned to Lagos, Nigeria, to fulfill this pledge.

Recall that shortly after Mohbad’s passing, Naira took to his Instagram story to call for a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the young artist’s death.

He raised questions, such as the whereabouts of Mohbad before his passing, the individuals he was with, the identity of the nurse who treated him, and the awaited autopsy results, among others.

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