“I’m Nigeria’s Most Hated Girl” Tacha Hops On The Viral ‘Of Course’ Challenge

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Reality TV star Tacha recently declared that she is Nigeria’s most disliked woman on Instagram.

She leveraged the trend that most Nigerians have been doing, as she expressed that she was Nigeria’s most hated reason while giving some of the reasons why.

In her words, she says,

“I’m Nigeria’s most hated girl, of course Nigerians hate me for just breathing.

I’m Nigeria’s most hated girl of course Nigerians hate the fact that I’m outspoken, smart and can never be brought down even in their dreams.

I’m Nigeria’s most hated girl, even in disguise I’m known in the bank, in your street and in your brains. I’m Nigeria’s most hated girl of course Nigerian men n women still post my old videos like it’s a discovery. I’m Nigeria’s most hated girl, of course disqualification could not define me if God qualifies you.”

Watch video below:


She also went on to reveal that she had a lot of haters while stressing the fact that she was quite surprised that people were investing time in doing research on her instead of researching important things like how to find the cure for cancer.

Now, recall that some days ago, Tacha had gotten into an online altercation with Twitter’s favorite housewife, Mommy Zee, spelled Zee.

It all started when Mommy Zee replied to a comment that a fan of hers made about Tacha, as she stressed that Tatcha did not have any sense.

Tacha’s reaction to this immediately slammed Mommy Zee, calling her out and even insulting and trolling her husband and her child.

Mommy Zee had also returned the favor, as they both continued to exchange insults on Twitter.

Writer Solomon Buchi also chimed into the conversation as he defended Mummy Zee while slamming Tacha for being wayward.

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