In One Click Businesses Can Now Send Cryptocurrencies, Gift Cards & Airtime Globally To Multiple Recipients With “Chimoney”

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With Chimoney, companies that want to transport value to a geographically located group of the humans can do so without requiring to ascertain their location, local currency, bank account information, or payment-kind that they use.

The website exhibits a range of  services offered by Chimoney via its Business dashboard and Developer APIs, which allows bulk payouts to user emails or social media usernames.

According to Uchi Uchibeke, Founder of Chimoney said that “for organizations who are after increasing efficiency for their remote workforce, Chimoney gives an easy-to-use dashboard that allows firms manage employee profiles and perks, and distribute Chimoney conveniently for the remote workforce – who will love and want to spend it wherever they are.”

He adds that “Companies like Microsoft, AfricaHacks, and others already use Chimoney to handle payouts to groups that globally attend their learning and hackathon programs.”

Again, with Chimoney, the sole receiver decides how to dispense or redeem the value by redeeming from one of the 300 supported online gift cards, mobile money across multiple African countries, airtime across many countries, cryptocurrency globally, and other digital assets.

Speaking on the target audience for Chimoney, Atchima Munpakpien, Head of Digital Marketing & Social Media said that “Experiential marketing companies with ambassadors, survey platforms who want to offer perks that work globally, human resource teams, student groups, and campus event organizers are examples of organizations that could benefit from Chimoney.” Since Chimoney is a global payout platform, organizations looking to payout or distribute perks or prizes to geographically distributed participants will save time and increase efficiency and the receiver’s appreciation by using Chimoney.

Chimoney Features

  • Send gift cards, cryptocurrencies, mobile money, and airtime to thousands of users in one click.
  • API to unlock payouts from any Internal or user-facing app
  • Chimoney’s Flex-payout enables the receiver to decide how to redeem and spend the gift
  • Multi-currency support

Chimoney Pricing and Availability

Chimoney is available globally and free to use with only charges applied to payouts. Chimoney is designed to work on all modern mobile and web browsers.

You can get started now via chimoney website @

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